Templar's Action Comics
What you're looking at is maybe thirty odd years of my life drawing what I like - beautiful women in violent, action comics. You'll find amazons hacking each other up, secret agents in gunbattles, female spies terminated during assignments, superpowered vigilantes fighting villainesses, sentries silenced and maybe even an evil vampiress getting her comeuppance! What you won't find here is rape, torture, girls under eighteen or misogyny. I'm not trying to make a moral pronouncement: I'm just not into it and I don't want to waste the time of people looking for that.

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Thank you for all your support.

Sword of Justice: $5
6 series. 173 Pics!
Sword of Justice vs
Meg and Domino

In the first episode the evil Domino and her sidekick, the eighteen year old Magical Meg, clash with Angel in a fight where only one

33 pencil drawn pages

Sword of Justice vs
The Unholy Sluts

Angel must fight a gang of "Unholy Sluts"! This is pure carnage where death is served up to 7 beautiful villainesses and 3 are taken captive.

51 pencil drawn pages

Sword of Justice vs
Satan's Bimbos

Angel, Cherub and Meg combat a pack of vicious, scantily clad, biker sluts! Angel and Cherub are up to their asses in villainous tits and bellybuttons

30 2D computer colored pages

Sword of Justice vs
The Elites!

In the final confrontation with the Elites; Meg, Cherub and Angel go down only to be rescued by their fanclub... "The Justice Teens!"

40 2D computer colored pages

Cherub vs Kandy
After "The Elites", Kandy and Cherub have a catfight to the death... over a remote control!

12 pencil drawn pages

104 Pics!
Sorority Slaughterhouse
Sorority Slaughterhouse
Brittany and Sue

Dawnstar begins the slaughter by eliminating cheerleader Brittany and Exchange Student Sue.

27 2D pencil drawn pages

Sorority Slaughterhouse
Loni, Giselle & Tawny

Body builder Loni, tall fitness model Giselle and huge breasted stripper Tawny each meet a different end.

35 2D computer colored pages

Sorority Slaughterhouse
Final Shootout!

Dawnstar and Seraph are discovered resulting in a fastpaced, running gunbattle including security, sorority girls and even clone guardians!

40 2D computer colored pages

Silencing Erika!
Just before the final confrontation of SSH; A loudmouthed college coed gives the gunwielding campus security a piece of her mind!

4 pencil drawn pages

15 Templar Series: $5
15 series that may or may not be complete. 269 Pics!!
Cross & Gunne
What evil lurks at the Bikini Bar? Cross & Gunne will find and kill it!

Color. 10 pages. Incomplete.

Swords of the Valkyrie
A band of nubile mercenaries fighting evil in our ancient past.

Pencil. 32 Pages. Incomplete.

Danger vs The Femmeborgs!
Mr Danger has received a gift of two buxom strippers. Oh no, they're actually cybernetically enhanced assassins called Femmeborgs!

16 pencil drawn pages

A 48DDD DEA agent has been posing as a gang whore. She is discovered by the gang leader and decides to get rid of the snitch.

14 pencil drawn pages

War of the Glamazons!
All sorts of amazon combat! 2 series of celebs killing each other. 31 pages pencil. Two girls dueling in front of a camera. 6 pages colored pencil and 18 random amazon drawings.

55 pages mostly pencil images

A beginning for another spy yarn. A ninja, a cowgirl and a beach bunny are all killed from your POV.

11 pages. Colored pencil

Gutting Kate!
A sexy bank executive who works for Madame Menace swallows a biological warfare capsule in front of Taylor Steele. Well there's only one way to get it out... gutting!

14 pages. Colored markers

Teen Nazi!
Cythia Sin is an evil, teenage nazi conspirator and is trying to destroy society with her immorality! Luckily a female agent has infiltrated the high school and deals with her with a poisoned pencil in her belly button.

13 pencil drawn pages. Not quite complete.

A stripper's car breaks down in a hillbilly town and she finds herself hunted for meat. Two pretty girls end up gutted and put on the table.

23 pencil drawn pages.

The Hit!
Two bikini models take out a hit on each other and both have taken the 'through the belly button' discount. The hit man shows up and does them both.

11 pencil drawn pages.

Can a busty, stripper saboteur seduce her way out of a black ops' execution order.

22 3D generated pages

Interview w/ Steele!
A tall, busty actress relives her death scene with Taylor Steele.

9 3D generated pages

Celia's Last Hit!
A beautiful assassin's torso comes into contact with an agent's ready pistol.

9 3D generated pages

Teen Nazi 2
Seraph sneaks into an ASS base (Aryan Supremacy Sisterhood) in search of new intelligence. She kills two guards and then battles a large, busty blonde.

10 pics. Carrara 3D. Not really complete.

Fraulein Fatale
A hero falls right into busty, scantily-clad, nazi villainess Fraulein Fatale's trap. He must kill her before she releases a biological warfare agent into the environment. 2 sets - one with her in a bikini and one naked with a swastika on her ass and belly.

2 sets of 7 pages. Carrara 3D.

Miscellaneous Templar Art: $5
Small series, 70s art and one shot pics. 331 Pics!!
Old 70s
Really old 70s drawings. These range in quality from tolerable and cool to.. well.. crap. Take a look at my roots and some of this may inspire you too!

90 mostly pencil pics!

Includes Punished, Porsche, Gunbattle, Rodimus Ratt, Hillary Hills, The President's Son, Yania vs Nancy, Snipe the Nazi, Hollywood, Cheerleader duel, Island, Jodi of HARPI.

143 mostly pencil pics.

Includes Frau Lust, Tanya's Sacrifice, Aztek Sacrifice, Secretary Spy, Gutting the Queen, Slaying the Succubus and Staking the Vampiress.

47 mostly pencil pics.

Misc Deaths
Includes drowning, hanging, strangling and even an electrocution.

12 mostly pencil pics.

3D Shootings
Includes Badhand's Maid, a pair of Nazi girls getting shot and an interview with Becky.

9 pics and a quick avi.

3D Stabbings
Includes some nazi girls getting stabbed, a ninja beheading a geisha, some Nazi girls getting stabbed and a naked, female sentry getting navel stabbed.

6 pics.