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so now we see the final fate of SpICE agents Cate Bower and Sheri Westin. it was a little strange to make a piece like that without the simulation frame.

when i started working on SpICE i was using Victoria 3. Cate Bower was originally the model i created for Cate Archer from the No One Lives Forever video game. obviously the name is also an homage. i think the model for Sheri Westin started out as an old west sheriff who had been killed by a squaw. i reuse a lot of models until i find a good fit.

after i switched to Victoria 4 and deleted all of my Victoria 3 content, i put SpICE aside to work on La Mouette Noire for a long time. i decided to start up SpICE again when i got tired of rendering swords. so i made a new Jiang Fang Choi model. i used the same model for Red Ninja in a few pictures, so maybe that came first. but at any rate i made my first new SpICE comic and i really liked it. so i started coming up with new SpICE agents, and i decided to make no caucasian agents at all, just for some variety.

i like my SpICE series, but i wanted to actually kill off some agents just to show that they don't always beat the odds. so i thought i would bring back Cate Bower and Agent Westin. they took a lot of work! i could not find any outfits for them i liked, so i had to construct new ones by using visibility maps to hide portions of several outfits so i could combine them. after all that work, i could not give them a simple death like being shot, so i spent even more time posing a bunch of metal tentacles and saws. it was supposed to be a quick project but it ended up taking a few weeks.

i like the result, though! goodbye, Cate Bower and Sheri Westin. maybe your replacements will learn from your failure!

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creating a pay site for your art is a little harder than it might seem, but also a little easier than it might seem. i run a gallery of my work at, and so far it has been a good experience.


the biggest difficulty in running a pay site, especially for the sort of material that members of this board prefer, is censorship by credit card companies and other payment gateways. paypal for instance does not allow [url=]"items that are considered obscene" or  "certain sexually oriented materials or services"[/url], which pretty much means that you can not sell or buy porn or access to porn. the same goes for pretty much any credit card company, so you have to go through a payment gateway provider such as Verotel. even those have certain restrictions though. at my eroticillusions gallery, for instance, i had to take down a comic that at a woman being molested by an octopus's tentacles because it was considered bestiality. (next time i will just show the tentacles and not the octopus itself!) i am also not allowed to show sex and death at the same time, which can be frustrating.


another problem is maintaining a lot of new content. for a while i was uploading five comic pages per week (10 images total), plus sometimes other content. that was really exhausting though, and so now i try to always put up at least two comic pages. i take a lot of lessons from regular webcomics, and the biggest lesson is consistency. it is better to put up two pages per week than to put up ten pages one week and then no pages for a while, and then another twelve pages suddenly with no schedule. if your rate of work is not constant, try to make a backlog so that during times when you are not making as much art, you still have something to put up. hopefully soon i will learn to follow this advice myself.


it seems obvious why someone would want to make a pay gallery, so they can make money doing something they enjoy. but for me, my reasons are not as obvious. i have a normal job that i enjoy and make money at, so it is not necessary for me to try to make money with my art. for one part, i make my art for my own enjoyment. but another part is, i like to get feedback from other people on my art. i get some feedback here, and some at deviantArt, and some at, and some from other places. but i figured out that getting paid is a kind of feedback. when i check my balance for my eroticillusions site, i do not think "oh, i have money, i can buy this or this", i think "oh, look how many people have enjoyed my work". and then of course i go spend the money.


even if you do not make a pay gallery in order to have more money, though it is important to keep a good eye on your site's finances. for the first year or so i had a site at eroticillusions, i was pretty disappointed because i had not made any sales, or so it seemed. i put up a lot of art and nobody subscribed! but it turned out there was a mixup with the password to my merchant area, and i actually had several hundred dollars in my merchant account already. i think i have a good relationship with eroticillusions, and my contacts there were very helpful in getting it all straightened out. still, that should be a warning, because even if they mean well, your service provider does not have as big an interest in making sure you get paid as you do. so it is really up to you to make sure everything is in order.

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to some people, art made with Poser is not art. the reason they think this is because Poser offers a lot of premade content. in some ways i think that is true. if someone just takes a premade model and renders it with very little effort or context, that does not seem artistic to me. but then Fountain by Duchamp is really the same thing except without a computer being used. Marcel Duchamp took a urinal, turned it on its side, signed it, and called it art! and people agreed! i think this is how the hipster movement started.

but to me none of these arguments matter. i do not really think of what i do as "art". someone else might call it art, but to me it is simply making images that satisfy my desires. i do not care if everyone thinks it is good or bad, i only care if the people who like to see those sorts of images like it. it is not for everyone to review, it is only for those who will probably like it. the purpose of my art is not to be good, it is to make certain feelings. if i could make these feelings by drawing stick figures with a crayon, then i would do that.

i would not compare my "art" to Fountain. there are a lot of interesting things that can be thought of by considering the transition between a normal object and art. i bet a lot of construction workers have flipped urinals over on their side while they are constructing buildings, but only one person has ever done that and called it art. but if i do compare the images i make to Fountain, then i have to say i put a lot more work into what i do than Marcel Duchamp did on that piece. i start with premade figures, but i customize a lot of them extensively. i make many of my own textures, and when i use premade textures i have to modify them anyway to get the look i want to make. and the posing itself is not just a matter of moving the body parts to where you want them to go, i have to consider both the action i want to make and the limitations of the model i am using. most of the models have a limited range of motion, and outside of that range they look twisted or unnatural. and sometimes no pose exists for what i want to do. when that happens, i have to sculpt the model myself by hand to get it into the shape i want. i also construct some models out of primitive parts. and when i am done with all of that, and i render it, i still have to do a lot of postwork. i do not care if someone says that my work is not art, but i will get mad if someone says my work is easy to do.

what is most frustrating to me is when i am not allowed to show my art. i know that a lot of people do not want to see it, either because of the fetish content or because it is 3d, and that is okay. i do not want anyone to see my art who does not like it. but i do not think i need to hear about it if someone does not like it. i think that turning a urinal over is pretty stupid, really, but i have never called up the Centre Georges Pompidou and complained to them about it, or demanded they stop giving away the Marcel Duchamp Prize.

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i have been thinking about writing some blog entries about what is involved in running a pay gallery. this is the first topic that came to mind, i think because i am working on a SpICE comic right now.

if you have seen one of the sample pages or freebies for my SpICE comic, you have probably noticed the semitransparent datafeed that runs down one side of each image that provides information about what is going on. it might not seem like much but it is actually the hardest part of any of the art i make, even more time-consuming than the blood effects and background composition. when i made the first of my newest incarnation of SpICE (the original was much more of a standard comic book, like La Mouette Noire), put in the datafeed just to sort of take up space and and to the high-tech feel of the picture. even then it took more effort than i expected, just figuring out ways to make it seem more like the text dump of a program executing.

i have a very strong attention to detail, though, so later comics took even more time. for instance in the Triad Massage Parlor comic, i had the SpICE observer try to calculate how much noise a particular action would take and how likely it was to be heard, which meant i had to look up how sound loudness is measured, how sound reduction is measured, and what the sound reductive properties for various materials are. the result is not accurate, of course, but i think it looks very real and it uses a lot of real terms. similarly in my current SpICE comic, Rooftop, there is a sniper and i had to look up what weather and lighting conditions might affect sniping from the top of a skyscraper, and what typical values for those conditions might be. i did not know, but there is actually a specific measurement used for how bright daylight is.

i think it is worth it, though. i have received a lot of positive feedback on the datafeeds. they are intended to supplement the main story, which is the pictures. i think the pictures can stand on their own, but the high tech interface is interesting to work on and it adds a lot. to me the pictures are more enjoyable because they spell out exactly how little chance the agent has to really survive. that is really what made me want to do my new version of SpICE, i like stories that end in the heroine's death but i like to use the same characters without just handwaving away past stories. so with the SpICE overwatch, i can have the agents "die", but at the end they are actually still alive... but still in very much danger. i get to have my cake, and then eat it, and then eat it again!

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La Moutte Noire Issues 2 and 3 are now on sale at Renderotica for $2.00 each! you can also download Issue 1 for free there. Issue 2 is 36 pages + cover, Issue 3 is 41 pages + cover.

Issue 2

Issue 3

my store

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the first issue of La Mouette Noire can now be downloaded for free at this link:

i will soon be selling issues 2 and 3 at Renderotica. i expect the price to be $2 per issue, though it may be slightly higher.

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