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This is a side story lets say that's been lurking around in my head for some time along with the Book I am writing and along with that the Tribe war so with that out of the way here we go



Different Ideas 

Jess was sat reading on a bench at school it was a normal day for her the book wasn't really interesting either just something to make her look busy her reading was interrupted by another girl Jess was in the same class as her  Zoe Dark hair normal build Hey Jess she said Jess looked up you are coming to the party tonight aren't you my parents are away for a while! And they let me have a party how cool is that? sure is Jess said yeah Ill be there Great  Zoe said waving as she left with a group of girls all talking and giggling the school day could not finish fast enough for them Jess shut her book and stuffed it in her bag she had not really forgot about the party she was going alright but she had a different agenda than sleeping with guys.

by the time Jess had arrived at Zoe's house things had already started in party fashion loud music and groups of girls and guys all standing around drinking or yelling at each other except Jess had brought a loaded Pump Action shotgun to the party under her coat entering the front door she had not drawn any attention to herself that was until she pulled the Shotgun out and fired it right at a guy named Jason the force of the shot hit him straight in the stomach sending lumpy mush all over the cabinet behind him sure enough people started to scream as with any loud noise a gun firing in the middle of a song sure is enough to send people Jess however had another target in mind she shot Cassie in the lower side her body flew though the air as the buckshot  punctured her torso sending most of Cassie into the wall Pumping the Shotgun as a shell bounced off the floor people now running from Jess she didn't care they where of no importance her next target Jill she fired as soon as she saw her no hesitation. Nor any attempt to make sure others where out of the way the Blast opened a hole in Jill's leg sending her screaming to the floor blood spraying out of the wound Jess stepping over Jill's body hoping that she would bleed out rather than wasting another shot on her pumping the shotgun again a  two more targets showed up in the living room  she fired hitting Zoe in the head chunks of brain and skull flying over the table Zoe's body landing in a heap blood and mush falling another pump and then a shot hit Ryan in the Shoulder sending him spinning blood was pouring out of the wound of the buckshot Sirens could be heard now Jess smiled dropping the gun its over she said with her hands in the air as Police burst in the room Get on your knee's they screamed Jess just smiled saying nothing as she was dragged out of the room before long she was in a Police Van

It was a boring day for Sargent Alice not much had happened in the way of crime that was until the Shotgun welding maniac who had shot five people at a party Alice opened the door entering the room looking at Jess though the window sat there in Silence still have some of the victims blood on her what the hell happened? Alice asked the officer there They said she just opened fire at a party killing five people the mess in that house it was a bloodbath has she said anything since? No she wont talk to anyone Alice making her way into the room sat down looking at Jess she seemed so young less able to go on a rampage are you going to talk about what you did? we have countless witness's you are going away for a long time either way so make this easyer on you and tell me why you did that! 

Jess looked at Alice and sighed I did it as those five where monsters they had to die Alice looked surprised of all the things to come out with Monsters was not what she would expect look at there body's Jess said please you will understand the truth of why I did it I saved all those lives Jess just sat silent again Alice turned to look at the glass mouthing what the fuck to whoever was behind there.

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Where Demoness Fear To Tread

Lighting rippled across the sky above a figure as she stood the lighting and rain did not seem to phase her her wings out stretched lighting flashed again as another figure was revealed mist and cold seemed to float around her My Queen Vashala said how wonderful to see you on such a lovely day 

Quite Sapphire smiled looking below her I see our forces are readying themselves spotting a huge amount of Elite and Nameless readying themselves for a push on a fortress that would mean they are a step closer to the Emerald Gate a large amount of Siege Breakers where also present at the back keeping away from the rest and just ahead of them in a camp was a massive amount of Demoness's keeping a sharp eye on a large amount of Fallen One's who where quite keen to get free already 

There is something I would like to tell you though Sapphire said I was away at a place that is of a sacred spot so to speak to the Empress the site of her coward sister Ruby who died to escape me! but while I was there I happened to encounter not only Emerald but Sky the seventh member of your council you are right she is teeming with evil and hate I wonder if she even suspects her hidden potential 

Unlikely Vashala smirked if she did then it would of been all to obvious for them but we still have a matter of Liavala she has yet to be found I have a idea of where she could be but I was unable to tell as the tribe vermin interrupted me before I could be sure if correct she sleeps underneath there very noses! we need to send someone a decoy so she can check for us and once she says Liavala is there well Vashala smiled she will die... 

And who do you have in mind Sapphire smiled she new full well who Vashala was talking about Ishala of course the weak link in our chain that needs to be silenced I would kill her out right but she has a use for now 

Where is she now Sapphire asked she is down there somewhere Vashala smiled tending to the Fallen One's there lust for death is causing them to attack our own I did hope one of them would attack her but none have A while away on a small hill overlooking a path towards the front line a figure was standing on the roof only to be joined by another winged creature

I thought I would find you out here Ishala I fail to see why you always come up to high places like this hardly anything is worth doing up here Vashala said 

I know Ishala said but I like the quiet at least I can't hear the sounds of the Elite and others making there way to the front also the amount of dead down there its hard to even think The dead bother you Ishala You know I can make that stop they will bother you no longer If I will it much like many things or have you forgotten that I am death in her vision!No Vashala Ishala said I came up here to consider what you had suggested If what you say is true about Liavala Is there no other way? 

No Vashala said Liavala I am almost certain she is there waiting in a sleep state to be awakened but it is right under the tribes noses and they don't even know it Vashala laughed but I cannot go and neither can your sisters

But you Vashala said running her hand though he hair are not as hated they consider you a weak link in the chain of command a ploy they will regret you are different I will admit but your blood lust is less for greater things it is you after all who brought me and your sister to this realm and your Queen is pleased 

But think of it as a little trip you wont be harmed by the vermin and if you are then I promise you will get your revenge but we cannot step on that ground until I know for sure Liavala  is there It was unfortunate that the tribe filth managed to take that fortress before I could fully be sure!

why can you not send One there she can shadow step just as easily as you can Ishala said One is not a toy my girl Vashala said she is useful for targets that are not as important as Liavala  is to us and to the council you will be doing this for the council for your Queen and for me

My sisters would not like the idea Ishala said they already threat to much when I am with out guards Vashala laughed and do you not want to show them you are able to look after yourself? to make decisions and prove that you are one of the greater beings on this pathetic realm!? 

Ishala looked hesitant but she nodded I am tired of being treated like I am nothing she said Then this will be your true test and even Liavala  will be pleased when she learns of who helped you but what if they don't take me to that fortress Ishala asked They wont have a choice Vashala smiled I will have increased patrols making it risky to move you from there they will assume your sisters will be looking for you and I will come to you if they dare move you 

You will be in no real danger my dear Even your Queen has told me One will be present with me if all goes to plan  Vashala smiled you are doing your Queen proud you are to go with a small patrol past the fortress and be caught  The tribe vermin will know who you are and panic no doubt bringing you to the fortress as it is closest once you are there they will send word that they have you in the prison while you are there you will sense Liavala  presence if she is there then wait for that wretched vermin to show up Nai 

I dare say she won't be long if you are there Nai will most certainly want to speak with you  but you will tell her nothing! lie if you have to do not tell her the true meaning of your capture if she gets wind of what is going on Liavala  will never awaken 

Once Nai is there delay her long enough for me to come once Liavala  is up I will free you and then we shall return and you Ishala will be a hero! your sisters will be delighted your Queen will be pleased and so will I

It is a dangerous objective but it has to be done by you the rest of the council cannot step on that ground with out being killed by the tribeswe have preparations to make Ishala said come time is growing short Vashala said taking flight followed by Ishala for in the morning the tribes will be getting a prisoner with a hidden agenda 

Along the front a patrol of tribes was walking with a mix group of First Tribes and Beserker's We are glad you have shown up the Berserker was talking to the First Tribe as they walked along a narrow path the weather was cloudy The officer was smiling as they went there was only 8 of them the patrol was to cover a small band of ground just in case any more Scouts tried to sneak past in the recent weeks since the tribes numbers had been boosted Amy and the Generals had seen fit to increase the patrols 

The officer was thinking about something else when the two First suddenly raised there hands look they said ahead of us Quick Move! oh my goddess Is that? 

A small patrol was just ahead of them but to a even bigger surprise was a demoness with them also? a even bigger prize Go! She shouted the First and the Berserker's had already started to charge closing the distance between the Patrol with a heavy prize 

Arggh the Beserker cried as a sword met her body she fell the Elite where already starting to advance and ready themselves for the others but  did not expect a assault from behind soon all the Elite guarding the demoness where dead with a few unlucky tribes 

The first looked at the demoness and drew her sword well scum she said time for you to die give my regards to your bitch goddess as her sword was about to end the demoness's life STOP do not harm her!

The first looked Why should I not this is a demoness there vile and deserve nothing more but to feel death like they have given to so many the first looked at whoever had told her to stop 

Linn was looking back at her That's no Ordinary demoness That's Ishala one of the three do not harm her she may prove useful 

What?! The First looked at her this creature is that of a higher rank than the common place filth... Yes Linn said she approached Ishala who was sat silently she looked at Linn but said nothing

Well Ishala today is not your lucky day bring her to the fortress Linn said Ishala was about to protest when Linn hit her quite hard across the head knocking her unconscious 

They carried her into a fortress among a few stunned tribe's they all recognised her some spat others cheered 

Linn  instructed to put her in the cell and to bind her and No one is to go anywhere near her until word has been sent to the Emerald Fortress 

Ishala still remained unconscious for a while longer before stirring slowly she looked around and tried to move but was unable to You're not going anywhere vermin Linn said watching her closely behind her was two First awaiting for any sigh of trouble Did you really have to take my armour off Ishala asked as she was sat naked in the cell 

Of course we did witch Linn said you are a prisoner and you will be treated like one we are not taking any chances and I hope whoever comes see's fit to execute you for all the evil you have committed

Ishala looked a little hurt I have done nothing in comparison to my sisters I am quite different I am not like them I wish for the blood shed to cease but there lust for war and death drives them! Ishala shouted

Liar! Linn snapped you would rather kill me at any chance you get I know your type your lucky I have decided to not let these first in your cell I am sure they can think of many creative ways to kill you!

Go ahead Ishala said I am not scared to die I'd rather die than sit here in this earth and be tormented by the dead! and you!

Linn turned to leave you will remain here witch as much as you deserve Linn said come she said to the first leaving Ishala alone in the cell as the door shut she remained silent 

Outside Linn  spoke to the Guards at the gate it made no sense she said Ishala was with a small Elite unit no heavy nor any Nameless at all and yet she got captured have you seen any sign of retaliation?
No miss the Guard said I just came from the guard tower on the East part there is no sign of anyone..
this makes no sense she just willingly got herself captured? No that can't be right We will have to wait till whoever Emerald sends I just hope they arrive soon the messenger had been sent a while ago now 

At the Emerald Fortress another meeting had resulted in the topic about some of Nai's past and more So you say there are others like Vashala? Nai Emerald asked Yes Nai said but not as brutal she is the leader in the so called Council of the seven! so no more will dare challenge her 

Emerald paused for a moment but there are only 6  so far she asked thoughtfully Indeed Nai said Amy was stood watching Nai as she was gazing out the window You have had the pleasure of meeting Vashala she turned and the other witches The Three Sisters Ishala Nashala and Akkara and Naiala and the evil wretch that was awoken on the hillside causing the death of many tribes that day Lurvala  but there is one more missing Nai said as she spoke lighting flashed outside the window lighting the room up 

The second place on the council belongs to a Demoness called Liavala Nai said I have met her before on the fields of battle she is blind but do not let that fool you Emerald 

So what if she is Blind Amy snapped she cannot see we can ambush this witch!

You may think that Nai said but her senses are higher she can hear and smell better than anyone and some say she is as powerful as Vashala herself cunning cruel and has burning hate that she cannot see but others can Iv seen her gouge eyes out 

Well Emerald said where is she now? Nai looked back towards the window I fear she maybe here on this earth already but her location is being hidden but since now the council's leader filth of a witch is here she will seek to unearth this demoness 

We can stop her Amy said you are here she smiled surely that means for something! Yes Nai said but I regret to tell you Liavala is also my sister WHAT Amy shouted how can you be related to that? are you a demoness as well she said standing in front of Emerald 

calm yourself General of the tribes Nai said turning again from the window I am nothing like her there is no demoness blood in me nor will I ever fall to such evil I would rather die 

during a battle Liavala lost her sight to Vashala but it did not stop there Vashala captured my sister and turned her against us I was too late to stop her fall but I have sworn that one day I will put her to rest...

I swear it Nai said Emerald nodded I know what it feels like to have lost a sister she said Sapphire...
I am aware of your pain Emerald Nai said but please do not worry about my problems Nai said my sister is not here yet less Vashala has not found her location but if I get word from anything then maybe we will have a chance of getting there first! 
what do you suggest Amy said now standing aside Nai smiled the weak link of the council maybe be of some use to us Who is that Amy asked Emerald and Nai both said the name at once Ishala....

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The Lost Empress

The war that was still ravaging the lands started by ruthless Queen who soul purpose was to please her dark and twisted master known as Chaos the north Island was the most corrupted thousands of soilders had come from there being Siege Breakers or the common Elite along with the West and South Island some minor resistance left there homes to join the East Island  with the Empress of the tribes as only two Empress's remained alive or so they thought 

With the terror of Vashala arriving and no sooner had she had been brought into the world as Chaos second most prized creation a Council of Seven powerful demoness's each with there own way of making sure whatever job was done it was done under the watch of the Queen or Sapphire  as she is known by her council and another shadow who is with her One 

But with these arrivals and a seemingly endless stream of Demoness that where all to happy to give there lives or take many hope arrived from a Guardian of the High Heavens Known as Nai sent by a goddess of war to assist the Empress when she needed it most she arrived to repel Vashala  the First Tribes brought with Nai are of a great help to the forces of the Empress 

But it has been said only words that spread around the Emerald Fortress and the lands of a third Empress Ruby who was lost almost a day after Sapphire began to attack many of the Islands with a army that seemed to spring out of nowhere 

Ruby had taken her own life as a last ditch effort to deny One from using her as a host instead for One sensed great power but was unable to as Ruby died Emerald never did speak of it to anyone but she was given a lot of terrible news that day not only with a massive army now calming lands but a war started by her own sister but Ruby was never forgotten not even by Sapphire and Emerald.....

Emerald was sitting in the Sanctum again it had been at least 2 months since the terror that was Vashala stood in the very Sanctum Emerald was in and that most of the dents and blood had been removed a officer named Gwar was killed by Vashala  and a number of priestess Emerald was  still a little shaken but Nai had arrived and saved her just in time Emerald could still feel Vashala's blade so close to her throat the evil that loomed around that creature was staggering even the shadows only recently started to look less dark and sinister as if foul things where waiting in them
Emerald was not alone though as Sky one of the Batak's most trusted generals was with her for now just standing there looking at some plans on the table Nai and the others had been in only moments before talking about new plans and that the lines of the Queen are moving once more more worryingly was the 6th member of the Council was awake now only according to them there was in fact One more left  Vashala Naiala Nashala Akkara Ishala Lurvala so who was the last?

The topic had been brought up Nai knew who it was but was hesitant to say she will when the time comes but for now please do not worry I will look into it she had said 

Sky was still looking at the maps Emerald was sitting watching Sky trying to look less suspicious Emerald had been trying to get out of sight for a while now but she did not want to pressure Sky into going anywhere just to not arouse suspicion as Sky was a curious person she always wanted to know what everyone was doing and why
Emerald Coughed making Sky turn around Oh you are still here Sky smiled sorry I was just going over some of the plans before I noticed there's a few ruins around here that we could use as a ambush site and murder more of the Queens forces before they know what hit them!
Yes Emerald said getting up and coming over  must you always want to kill them Sky Emerald asked of Course anyone who threatens you or my homeland deserves it no more than death 

Sky had always been a little different and bloodthirsty she never took prisoners either she always killed anyone quickly before they said anything and Demoness would never ever get a word in she would kill them before even going near them 

Well I am going to my chambers Emerald said turning to leave secretly wishing Sky would go as well  Yes Sky said rest is a good plan I think I will too she said heading towards the door see you later then Emerald nodded finally she would be alone to go about what she wanted to do after a while she waited peering outside into the halls empty she closed the door and went to the window and opened it the weather outside was clear the Sun had just set and the wind was rustling the nearby tree's it felt almost soothing the weather was usually nice and warm but recently wet and thunder had been quite common  closing the window she put on a cape and covered her face touching a book that made a door hiss open revealing a passageway Emerald stepped into it as the door closed behind her 

Approaching a door she peeked though it no one around and stepped outside into the room it was a armoury or something Emerald never really could tell she used this passage once or twice so no one else new about it looking outside she caught sight of a patrol who had just began walking away so she started to head towards the Gate House when suddenly a voice called out Emerald?! it was Sky

Yes Emerald turned and smiled What are you doing out here Sky said Oh nothing Emerald said I'm just going for a walk! But its nearly dark out here and why are you sneaking around? What are you doing 

Emerald sighed well I am going to see someone special to me I don't expect you to understand but don't say anything you can come with me if you like 

Sky nodded I will come with you then to make sure you are safe great Emerald said turning towards the gatehouse the pair of them walked Sky looking a little confused but all to keen to have a adventure they approached the Gatehouse and after some very confused looks from the guards set off down the road Sky was a little relaxed as the area was far far away from any known Queen's forces but Sky was a little curious and started asking Emerald questions as they went

Where are we going then? I don't think I have come this way or seen here what is this place she asked I said you may not understand Emerald said here is where my sister was put to rest she said removing her cloak its just up here 

your sister?! Sky snapped I thought Sapphire was your sister Yes she is Emerald said but Ruby is as well she said stopping Sky looked around the place was misty and full of Tree's that she had never seen before the area was quiet with no real sound only the sound of Sky and Emerald breathing 

Where are we then Sky said Hallowed Ground here peace is all that happens here no blood be spilled nor death shall ever happen here this is where I come  sometimes Ruby was lost to me just after Sapphire was consumed I never wanted to lose them both but this is the best I can do so from time to time I come here to see her Emerald said pointing to a Tree that had Ruby leaves on it

I had no idea Sky said I'm sorry for your loss but I wont tell anyone its nice here peaceful Sky's head turning to look around when she froze Emerald! there's someone there look she said pointing and sure enough entering the clearing was another woman but this one had Blue hair

Sapphire Sky growled what are you doing here she said drawing her sword Sapphire just sneered its Hallowed Ground you fool put that away it will do you no good here Sky yelped as her sword burnt her hand 

What do you care about her Sister monster Sky snapped Emerald was saying nothing You think that don't you Sky is it? Sapphires head tilted but even though I am in control of this body I know all about her thoughts and feelings and it just so happens this place is one of the only places that dear sweet Sapphire remembers coming to with her Sisters 

And I thought I would come and see it myself truly a wonder really why such pathetic beings like the quiet and places like this but what a surprise it is to see you here acutely I lied I knew you where coming Emerald I just didn't expect you to bring her  if only you new Sapphire laughed 

What do you mean Sky said answer me! now now Sapphire said and ruin all the fun? I think not I will leave you now as I have a army to command I will be seeing you soon hopefully Sky Sapphire winked before pulling her cape back over her head and walking away

Emerald are you ok Sky said checking to see if Sapphire had gone Emerald nodded saying I'm sorry Ruby I should of stopped her going and you would not be dead! I hope you forgive me

Sky was unsure what to do she just waited for Emerald to come over lets go she said walking away from the clearing Sky took one last look at the Tree before she swore she heard a voice saying I forgive you

The walk back was quiet Emerald did not say much to Sky but Sky had other things on her mind like what did Sapphire mean by what she said maybe it was to just taunt her 

The buzz back at the fortress was high as Emerald missing was quite important but after some explaining and talking by Sky it was cleared up Nai was oddly quite

So once again Emerald was sat alone in her chambers thinking about the war and all that has happened

But miles away in a fortress surrounded by looming black clouds and lighting striking Sapphire was speaking to Vashala....


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A Grim Message

Carla and Natalin both turned around to see the archer who had just saved them Vera!! Natalin cried rushing towards her throwing her arms around her sister with joy Carla approached Vera smiling 

I can't believe its you Natalin said I thought I lost you forever when that horrible bitch returned but where have you been? 

Vera looked at her sister with a smile I am glad to see you both of you she said but I have to find Emerald It is of most importance! Yes Natalin said we are a bit away from the Emerald Fortress but we arrive there No! Vera said I have to speak to Emerald with no delay something horrible is coming I have to.. Vera fell on one knee please...

Carla looked at Natalin we have to get her to rest  I saw a outpost not far from the battlefield we should go there first 

Vera stood up please I must speak to Emerald! Natalin said We will get you there Vera but please you can barley stand as it is Let us get to the outpost first!

The 3 Batak began to set off but Just as they where about to Leave Carla checked the heavy Elite officer for anything and found a necklace this will do nicely she said putting it around her neck as she went 

As they helped there sister along the path Vera explained to them what happened in the void and of the creature she witnessed It killed her own kind like it was nothing Vera said and her eyes glowed green and that bitch Naiala stabbed me she said the mark on her shoulder was slightly burnt 

They walked what seemed like forever the night was still and cooling Vera was pleased to be back but something was bothering her Carla could see it but did not want to worry Natalin she was beaming with happiness that her sister was alive once more the sun was just peeking over the horizon when they finally   arrived at a outpost occupied by the Tribes who where just as surprised to see Vera as Carla and Natalin  after much debate they convinced Vera to rest we promise to wake you in a few hours Carla said 

As Vera slept Carla and Natalin spoke to the officer on duty there have you seen anything strange in the last few days? 

No miss the officer replied we have not seen anyone except you 3 for weeks what a surprise to see that Wind step is alive I thought she died! she did Carla said but the Goddess willed that she lives once more they have not forgotten us the officer smiled  as promised a few hours later Vera was awake again with the intention of getting to the Emerald Fortress as quickly as possible 

by the time they had set out again the sky had turned to its normal grey state and the rain was not far from falling they walked at a fast pace across a battlefield that was for once a tribe victory the piles of the dead elite lay naked the armour had long been looted

After a while the Emerald Fortress loomed in the distance Vera smiled its good to see it again she said 

Inside the fortress walls Emerald was sat thinking in her chambers she could hear Amy just outside talking to Sky she did not need to be inside the room to know what they are talking about It had been 2 days as instructed by Emerald for the pair of them to return and they have not 

Suddenly the door opened and Amy walked inside along with Sky Amy said Sky think's we should let them look for longer! I said is it a good idea? what if something has happened to them already!

Emerald Raised her hand for silence It would appear we do not need to worry Emerald said calmly they have found her I know they are on there way back right now 

Amy looked at Emerald My Empress you can tell? Yes Emerald nodded they are approaching the Entrance as I speak and they are not alone... someone is with them Sky and Amy waited in Silence watching the door Emerald sat there patiently sure enough they heard the sound of walking down the corridor  First Natalin came into the room and then Carla and then Vera

Amy and Sky both smiled with joy at the sight of Vera Emerald simply sat and nodded as Amy and Sky rushed over to greet the returned hero after the pats on the shoulder and the look at the armour you are wearing Vera approached Emerald she bowed My Empress I bring you word of Terror a horrible creature called Naiala came with me when I returned to the world Emerald looked stunned Naiala you say Vera? please continue Naiala is going to bring another monster into the world! Go on Vera Emerald said please 

The skies will rain down with blood the land will wither and die In her wake Her name was Vashala The Daughter Of Death herself Vera said she had turned pale I saw her eyes they burnt though me green she was full of hate

Sapphire is a fool if she brings that creature into this world! Vera you are sure you saw her? please think carefully Emerald said 

Yes I did Vera said I saw her she killed her own kind like it was nothing she is pure evil

Emerald was looking slightly shocked as if One was not enough she said and the Goddess do nothing? Amy suddenly said How can they let her here! Carla said Emerald what should we do? Sky said I do not fear death Natalin said and neither should any of us if this bitch is coming we will be ready!

Emerald looked a little shocked I'm afraid its not as simple as fighting her... Vashala is the oldest demoness on record she is the first the only Demoness to gain favour with Death herself Vera Emerald asked is there nothing we can do to stop this and who gave you this warning? 

Vera looked at Emerald for a moment before  Saying The First Will Rise When Terror Awakens... What does that mean Amy said Emerald looked quite surprised at that And you are sure of this Vera? 

Yes Vera said I was told to tell you by a messenger before I returned to this world that's all she said! 

Emerald nodded again well then it would seem we have some preparations to do Vera you are to rest till you are ready to fight  and please go see a priestess about that wound and take that awful armour off!  Natalin and Carla and Sky  you are from this moment back in command of the Batak and make sure they are ready

Amy the south tribe and tribes need to be ready as well we should not lose hope my sisters Emerald said no matter what comes we will face this together! 

Vashala Wishes

Naiala walked towards a fortress as she walked the ground below her died she approached the gatehouse as two sentry's where standing guard They saw her coming 

Stand higher the other sentry hissed as Naiala drew closer The two guards held there breath as Naiala simply walked past them they breathed a sigh of relief Who was that! I don't know but look at the ground she said its dead.. they both looked in towards the gate where Naiala had gone I dare not think of what is going to happen in that fortress

A little distance away inside the courtyard a Heavy Elite Officer had been stopped by Nashala And you are sure of this Nashala scowled the Hole camp? Yes My mistress I am on my way with a note to our Queen now when you stopped me she saluted

Nashala was still frowning when she suddenly put her hand out wait... she said turning someone is here The Heavy Elite Officer stopped she looked puzzled who she said pardon me mistress but I do not feel.... Silence Nashala spat turning towards the presence she Bowed instantly as Naiala approached Kneel you fool Nashala said unless you wish to be butchered on the spot you should be honoured to be in the presence of her!

The Officer knelt along side Nashala till Naiala stopped Rise Nashala Naiala said looking around the fortress courtyard Nashala stood up It is wonderful to see you again Naiala but tell me what brings you to this wretched plain? 

Naiala smiled ignoring the still bowing officer I bring news of Her Rise! she will return to this plain and assist our goddess with her war!

The Skies will burn the Ground will die she will walk this wretched earth as she as planned and I am here to see that it is done now I must speak to our Goddess without delay

Nashala said at once but Naiala suddenly spoke oh what's this she said coldly Nashala suddenly looked to see Ishala walking towards them followed by her guards 

Go now Nashala said to the officer deliver your message to our Queen but you will now not be going alone

Well if it isn't the younger of the three Naiala said I see the little wretch is still alive and what's this surrounded by guards no less you should be ashamed Ishala just bowed saying nothing 

Naiala will be joining you on your way back to the Fortress that is blessed to have our Queen staying in Ishala I will remain hear and deal with our assault  Nashala said We will be leaving now Naiala said but I will not be taking the guards with us they will remain here I have no need for them 

Nashala paused for a moment before agreeing this Heavy Elite Officer will be coming with you as she has some information to deliver  concerning our Northern Island 

Naiala frowned but said Very well but if the wretch delays me I will take great pride in consuming her soul for her!

Naiala began to walk off but just as the Officer was passing by Nashala she felt her voice in her head Keep a eye on my sister less you value your life....

The officer hurried after Naiala as Ishala and her walked ahead I hope I can keep up the officer thought

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The Messenger  of the Goddess

As Vera watched as the demoness closed in there hands just about to touch her Vera suddenly felt as if she was floating her world turned white she cried out in Alarm Suddenly she was no longer in the void She escaped! the two demoness turned in terror at Vashala who was standing there smiling No Vashala said calmly she has done exactly what I planned she said laughing wickedly 

Vera looked around this place was different it looked like a courtyard of some kind she felt at peace as if all the cares of the world had been lifted What? where am I looking around she caught sight of another person standing by a well 

Who are you she asked the figure just smiled saying Always the one with the questions she said raising her hand Vera suddenly felt calm and at ease your not a demoness she said so who are you and why did I suddenly appear here?! 

Relax you are safe for now I have brought you here to act as my goddess messenger many events are unfolding on your planet and as much as my Goddess would like to assist you in battling the tyrant

You mean One? Vera asked The woman nodded She was once a symbol of passion among the heavens she was the One True being that many followed but she was corrupted by the evil that is Death her punishment was to be banished to a world where she could do no more damage hidden among the mortals

But that was not to be... Her corruption was unavoidable and sooner or later she would find a host and her war would start on another plain she is assembling a army with the assistance of the void to consume the world as revenge for her banishment and seek to assault the very place that banished her 

Why did you not stop her Vera shouted you just sat by while that monster butchered our people brought war to our lands! she has brought 3 demoness into this world now! and sent me to the void!

The Goddess cannot interfere! the Woman shouted If they intervened the world would be consumed by there true vision it is why I am speaking to you now Vera to see her true form you would not withstand it and will die

Vera rubbed her shoulder from when Naiala had stabbed her time grows short the Woman said you must return to your Empress and warn her of the coming terror you have already met her Vashala is one of the first demoness and the cause of One's corruption she is Death herself daughter and the pair of them united on the same realm will be of dire consequences!

She seeks to return with her servant Naiala 5 demoness and One

What can you do Vera said there must be something anything to help the tribes and our way of life! my sisters my Empress 

The Woman stood there for a moment before saying Give the Empress this message - The First Will Rise When Terror Awakens 

Vera looked confused what does that mean? I have spoken the Woman said now it is time for you to return to your plain I regret I cannot aid you further you have to help us Vera shouted but she could see everything turning white again here we go again Vera thought shutting her eyes

Natalin and Carla where moving cautiously though the ruins of a old temple it had just started to turn from day to night Carla looked at Natalin As they went you have her eyes you know Natalin she smiled I always thought that about you Natalin smiled I know she always said that as well I hope we can find her in time Carla said I am not going back if we don't anyway Natalin said I am not going to rest till she is with us Carla nodded they stopped just at a pillar The battlefield was a few miles behind them now they felt the wind blow on there faces and sure enough they could hear Vera - Please help me.....

Carla suddenly said that seemed louder she said we must be getting close to her it was louder she looked at Natalin yes! Natalin said in agreement they began to make there way along a path that was used by patrols it would seem as they walked the wind was blowing stronger now Vera was heard again "Not Alone I must warn her" the thought of what Vera could mean repeated in Carla's mind her thought process was interrupted by shouts not from Natalin but from someone else Look Natalin said just ahead and the source of the shouting a Heavy Elite Patrol was coming towards the pair of them at some speed 

We have been spotted Natalin said suddenly we should of stayed hidden! there's only 4 of them! Carla said we can take them I'm sure we could but there heavy elite and I only have my sword 

You there stop! the officer in front was yelling as they charged over to them stand and fight Natalin said to Carla as they where now only a few feet away 

They readied themselves as the first of the Heavy Elite arrived but just as the Elite was about to raise her sword to strike Natalin a arrow shaft suddenly planted itself in the girls chest who looked just as surprised as Natalin was as soon as the arrow had appeared another shaft had struck Carla's opponent  finally  the Officer was all that remained the officer was stunned at the sudden ambush she stood there confused before raising her sword to attack but once again a arrow planted itself in her shoulder causing the officer to drop to her knee's choking slightly all she said was scum before falling backwards to join her sisters Natalin turned around and a familiar face looked back at her.....

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Vera stood watching the Demoness still smiling she hardly seemed to care that Vera had just killed 3 of her own kind instead she stood quite content Who are you Vera asked The demoness Put her sword into the dirt My name? you dare ask me my name in my realm my own domain where I can kill you only to bring you screaming back again and again! You should bow before me when ever my presence is known wretch but since you have decided to kill my servants why should I tell you anything?

Vera was readying herself just in case she was looking at the demoness she had yellow eyes most or all Demoness she new of had Red or black eyes so why was this one yellow? she clearly did not like being asked questions but Vera wanted to find out Ill ask you again Who are you? 

My name is Naiala I am the keeper of the void and you must be Vera she smiled her eyes burning yellow 

Vera stood still yes she said how do you know me? Naiala laughed you think you are the one to kill Nashala? and not be noticed among the dead? I am the keeper of all of them can you not hear them calling out? Vera tried to listen but heard nothing that weapon you hold is a soul reaper its able to drag the souls screaming from its body but here in the void  its just a weapon a tool of death but out in the mortal realm Naiala smiled its much much more! 

Are you here to kill me then Vera said reading her weapon Naiala laughed as much as it would be pleasing to kill you I cannot as my mistress would be most unforgiving if I was to fail her 

Nashala? Vera said suddenly Naiala laughed Nashala answers to me wretch 

Sapphire? Naiala stopped laughing her name is Vashala the daughter of death itself  and I serve her with pride for that reason she has requested that you remain alive as much as I would love to rip your limbs off one by one but Vashala needs you alive 

Vera was thinking hard so I am in the void she thought wonderful Vera wanted to know more about this Vashala but she wondered if Naiala would be willing to explain I should run for now she thought but Naiala interrupted her Thinking of running? I'm afraid it will do you no good here in my realm you are a puppet under my control! Naiala snapped her fingers and Vera suddenly went stiff dropping her weapon 

Argh Vera cried out powerless to do anything as Naiala came close to her she could see her eyes now a deep yellow looking into her's now Naiala said Suffer!!! 

Vera was struggling to move she could feel something holding her still Naiala was still laughing and walking slowly towards her  If my mistress needed your pathetic self alive I would of torn your limbs off one by one!

Arghh vera felt something tighten its grip on her Naiala was getting closer and closer to her I know you cant kill me witch! Vera shouted I know I cant Naiala said but it does not mean I can't have some fun with you Naiala was now standing next to Vera her eyes glowing yellow 

Vera tried to move again but was unable to even budge her arms seemed to be pinned try all you want you cannot escape Naiala laughed putting her hand on Vera's face such a lovely face stroking it with out warning Naiala stabbed Vera with the tip of her sword in the shoulder The pain made Vera cry out 

It burns don't it Naiala laughed again its quite a painful experience to be stabbed by this weapon she said holding the sword up but being killed by this that burning you feel is your soul being torn from your body 

Monster! Vera shouted she could do nothing I am not afraid of you! Release me and try your luck with me then!  Naiala stopped for a moment before looking at Vera quite smugly I would love to fight with you but she wishes you to be mostly unharmed 

Who does Vera shouted again Vashala If she is so powerful where is she Why does she not show herself! Vera screamed trying to break free 

I bet your bitch of a mistress is not even real Vera said boldly HOW DARE YOU! Naiala hit Vera across the face before flinging her across into a Pillar Vera smashed into it with a crash before tumbling down Vera looked up to see Naiala coming towards her angrily with her weapon drawn I am going to make you Bleed! 


Vera looked to where the voice came from she saw another demoness standing there Vera spotted instantly her eyes they where Green...

Vera stood still against the pillar on the floor she looked as Naiala had stopped instantly and bowed her head not moving Vera slowly tried to get up 

Well well The Demoness with the Green eyes spoke Vera felt her body turn cold I get to see the so called Wind Step of the Tribes and here she is annoying my servant pathetic....

Naiala you have some preparations to do so hurry time grows short Naiala nodded and walked away giving Vera one last nasty look 

Vera tried to move and stood up slowly still watching the Green Eyed demoness 

So you must be Vashala Vera said You are correct what a smart girl you are figuring that out all by yourself I do wonder if all the women in your so called tribe are as smart as you! 

Vera tried to reach for a soul reaper on the ground and take a swing at Vashala but she just stepped back laughing you can try to kill me in my realm bitch but you wont I am the Daughter Of Death itself you are powerless in the face of death!

Vera stood ready watching Vashala as she raised her hand and clicked her fingers Vera looked around and saw nothing had happened Just snapping your fingers witch Vera smirked

Oh far from it  Witness now the power of the daughter of death! Out of the Corner of Vera's eye's she saw the demoness who had been laying dead get up the Officer dropped to her knees and said Thank you my mistress we will not fail you again

Vashala's eye's narrowed You won't fail me at all I have only need for two of you now DIE! Vashala clicked her fingers but as the Demoness was about to say something  her Neck snapped with a loud crack!

Vera was stunned impossible I killed them and there back Oh don't be so surprised girl Vashala said suddenly I am death I decide who lives and who dies in my realm! and soon your realm Vashala smiled wickedly

Now I grow tired of pointless talking you two Grab this girl and we will continue with my plans 

Vera was still stunned she tried to move again but was frozen as the demoness approached her is this the end?

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In the void Vera was looking at the body of a dead tribe and a demoness before deciding that taking the tribe armour and some of the demoness armour would be wise move 

rest well my sister she muttered before putting on her she also picked up the demoness soul reaper. Still unsure where she was she moved with caution just ahead of her she could hear voices she slowly creped up to a pillar and moved around it in a clearing next to a tree 3 demoness where standing talking 
We found a tribe filth but she was not the one we are looking for! keep looking the other demoness on the rock said she must be close by when you find her do not kill her she is to die slowly and painfully for what she did to our mistress! 
Vera made her way back around the pillar out of sight looking a the soul reaper perhaps I should put this to use she thought she could still hear them talking Vera then made a noise by banging the soul reaper on the pillar What was that? go check that out the Demoness on the pillar ordered Vera could hear the demoness's making there way over to her she waited the soul reaper at the ready just a little closer... closer... NOW she dashed from her hiding spot and slit the demoness throat before she had any time to react the other demoness cried out in alarm but was unable to react properly Vera was very fast she jammed the soul reaper into the demoness's chest and twisted hard Hearing the sound of the demoness gurgle before dropping off the officer now was aware of Vera and charged at her screaming bout ripping her head off her body Vera dodged the blows hoping for a opening of her own and it came shortly after Vera smashed the Soul reaper into her chest pulling down hard on it the demoness cried out in pain before dropping to her knee's Vera smiled before pulling it out she just fell over lifeless well Vera thought that was easy three demoness with no problem I could get used to this  but just as Vera was about to leave she saw another Demoness looking at her Vera suddenly felt her blood turn to ice she was cold this was no ordinary demoness Vera stood ready to see what the demoness was going to do but for now all she did was stand there smiling at her... Vera wondered how she had not seen this Demoness before while the others where talking and why is she not using a soul reaper... 

The Path To Take?

Natalin and Carla dashed out the gate of the Emerald Fortress  they had little time to get themselves ready just two days to find there missing sister not that they would return until she was found Vera Natalin said she's alive after so long 

Where do we start Carla said she could be anywhere and we need to be careful on being spotted yes Natalin said as they walked away from the Emerald Fortress they decided to head West along the pathway as that was the direction the wind was coming from it was a shot as ever as they where walking they heard Vera's voice again "Help me I am hurt..." Vera Natalin called out can you hear me?

There was no reply as they continued to go down the path passing a very confused patrol who had spotted them Natalin a Batak called out what are you doing out? I can't explain Natalin said passing them I am trying to find someone just continue as you are she said walking past along with Carla behind her they arrived at a small clearing continuing to the west would mean they would have to pass a recent push by the tribe forces that resulted in a victory the ground was taken but not with out heavy losses from the Tribe side they could only sit and wait to see if there was going to be any counter attack but it had been days and the dead still remained untouched 

North would mean more dense jungle and could be impossible to find anyone in there Natalin sat on a rock alongside Carla thinking then the wind blew again and sure enough Vera was heard "I am not alone she came with me please anyone help me!" this made Natalin very worried what you think she meant by that? she came with me... Carla shrugged I don't know but we need to make a choice she said they decided to head west past the battleground the night was just starting come in so they could have a chance of getting past unnoticed by any of the Queens Patrols they moved going cautiously across the battlefield Carla looked at some of the bodies as they went Tribe Berserker's and the Queens Officer lay among the fallen 
Try not to look at them Natalin said as they continued past  

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Mira....Mira a voice was calling out to her but she could not see only darkness Mira it called again this time louder Mira could not see anything still  she saw the light and the world came back into focus slowly at first it was still a blur she blinked before trying to sit up  the pain then returned as she sat up she was still where she had fallen from the roof surrounded  by elite and tribes there was a Death Seeker standing above her and the person calling her name it was Kirva Oh you are awake at last I saw you fall down and bounce off the roof and ground like a apple from a tree Kirva grinned you must of landed on something soft if you are still alive 

Is the fortress ours Mira asked Kirva frowned always with the questions I see well the fall must of knocked your common sense out of you of course the fortress is ours if I am standing here talking to you! There are but a few resistance left some have barricaded themselves in the keep basement its only a matter of time for them 

Mira tried to stand but could barely do so her leg had a arrow sticking out of it Kirva maybe you should let a Death Seeker see to that before you move not that I care what you do Kirva said walking off leaving Mira 

Mira found a spear laying on the floor from one of the south tribes and used it as a prop she began to make her way towards the keep she could see Death Seekers and elite everywhere some where putting the bodys of the fallen into carts some where still alive being carried off by Death Seekers Mira walked past a rampart and spotted some Heavy Elite Officers who had not yet been removed or seen too from the looks of things they had fought with the renaming south tribe a spear was sticking out of her chest Mira thought that could of been meHer Armour had saved her life  but she still felt as if she was a bigger target wearing her uniform she slowly moved along till some of her own unit had come to assist her 

Mira!   a heavy elite called Kimi called out excitedly I thought you had died! we saw you fall of the side but we could not stop to check for you Mira frowned you did the right thing and not bothered you could of died if you did the girl nodded as she grabbed Mira and helped her move  

You should get that leg looked at Kimi suggested to Mira No Mira said there is still work to be done tribe filth still are present I can get it looked at later as they helped her past what looked like a Armoury more bodies littered the ground around it Mira spotted another officer laying dead in the pile of body's with a arrow planted right in her chest she thought it could of been me again. The keep itself loomed over them and around it was a few Elite standing outside a door that was shut with some more heavy elite and demoness standing outside 

Mira fell over again Kimi  said come on I will take you to the healers  As they approached the healers area that had been set up a Death Seeker Instantly came over to Mira saying nothing she took hold of Mira and helped her hobble into a bed I will see you later the Kimi said to Mira turning to leave but stopped as someone else had also entered the medical area Kimi bowed her head and stood still Nashala was standing there along with The Omen 

So... my voice survived but with a limp it would seem you took quite a tumble Nashala smiled She pointed to Mira tend to her Mira looked as two death seekers seemly came over and pushed Mira gently on her back onto the bed Nashala was standing over her You probably don't want to be awake for this do you Nashala said grinning 

Awake for what Mira asked suddenly what you going to do Mira's head fell back onto the bed 

Some time later Mira's world came back into view she sat up the pain had somewhat eased her leg was now with a bandage that had been put on the arrow was missing  Mira looked around she had been moved it seemed to another area 

Wonderful healers they are Nashala said making Mira turn to see her sitting reading some strange book that glowed slightly The omen was standing behind her

They are Mira said where am I and why are you here?!

There is that attitude again Nashala said closing the book such full of fire and demanding to know wonderful! 

She doubts the armour still the path of the dead could of been her she feels she is a target and only survived by falling on the fallen  The Omen suddenly said 

Really now? Nashala said standing up I would of thought your armour played a part in saving your life today but you still feel that way I think we can resort to giving your old one back you will still be my voice and reason but maybe it is true my voice wont be saying much if she is dead now will she! 

Mira nodded 

I will be seeing to the wretches who are still barricaded in the fortress basement I will leave you now Mira your armour will be given to you shortly in the mean time rest you have earned it Nashala said leaving with the Omen behind her 

Mira looked around the beds where filled with other women who had been injured all where sleeping soundly Mira thought about what the Omen had said and the path of the dead she could of joined those along it today but she survived and even fell she thought bout her Armour again maybe it was better looking like everyone of her fellow officers she thought either way she felt tired again so she decided to heed to Nashala and rest for a little while more her unit and her duty's can wait she thought closing her eyes before falling asleep


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Pardon this one took so long to be done issues with life but its here now so Enjoy! 

The tower was oddly quiet as Mira and the other elite made there way up the tower outside they could hear screams and cries Mira approached the tower door in the way was a Elite officer who was waiting for more to arrive before the door opened onto the wall 

Mira shouted ready yourself to the other elite behind her she had her shield facing the door the second it opens she cried shields front no doubt they will be awaiting us! For the Queen she cried open the doors!

The door's bolt was released by a officer and the sight in front of Mira the walls where alive with activity from Demoness and Batak all fighting for control CHARGE!!! Mira called running forward the other elite behind her as the defenders saw another tower door opening Fire! she heard a cry as a hail of arrows thundered into the wooden tower Ahhhh! a cry as someone to Mira's left fell off the side down below.. Mira wasted no time on the breach and jumped down onto the wall she instantly got into a fight with a blonde batak girl who was swinging her sword wildly no shield Mira sneered deflecting the sword strike with her shield before thrusting her sword into the girls belly who fell sideways demoness had began landing on the tower above Mira and wasted no time in murdering the archers up there Mira caught sight of Kirva  who had already started to drop Tribe girls to there death she was laughing as she went picking them up like fallen apples Mira saw the other walls had begun to become overun by Elite as well the fortress was being taken slowly but there was still the reaming defenders in the towers Mira was already making her way with some of her Elite to the gatehouse opening that would mean a better way in for the Queens forces the problem was it was full of Batak and Berserker's THE GATE HOUSE Mira called to some other attacks she began to make her way amongst the chaos screams of falling and dying one elite below her was moaning as a arrow stuck out of her stomach Help me she cried catching Mira's eye 

Mira just shrugged it off helping others at this time was a foolish thing to do Stay down is all Mira said before walking off as she approached the gatehouse narrowly avoiding being knocked off the wall by a falling demoness behind Mira was more of her unit the had followed her as she commanded Inside it looked empty but Mira could see the shadows of the Tribes waiting for anyone to come though the door Mira waited for a moment or two before she made her decision it was either be the first to enter that deathtrap or wait for someone else to go in front 

Mira just simply ran into the building and sure enough the tribes where waiting some had spears and others had swords Mira felt her shield take the brunt of a spear that just deflected but another strike had come and it had hit her in the shoulder but her armour had done its job and the spear was now struck in her armour Mira looked quickly at the South Tribe who was still trying to remove the spear before striking her she cried before collapsing the other girls behind Mira had now entered the Gatehouse and it was brutal above them the Demoness where pushing down from the tower and Mira and the forces had just begun to take the part controlling the gate itself Mira ducked as a screaming Tribe swung her axe at her it was a berserker she had little time to react as the second swing of the tribes axe was coming it was hard to move properly with the amount of dead on the floor Mira fell over a dead Batak and the berserker cried with rage and took Mira's fall to her advantage and jumped on top of her! with her axe now poised Mira still had hold of her sword and Jammed it into the girls throat DIE she cried getting up quickly before anyone else tried to get her It looked like the gatehouse was taken as Mira caught sight of demoness coming down from the roof area Mira went out to the other door and saw the ramparts where still being taken but some high resistance on the ground below now Mira was making her way towards the ramp down to the inner courtyard when she caught sight of more tribes advancing towards her and quick her unit was still following her so she cried for shields she was ready for them this time 

She felt more pushing on her shield as she waited for more to get close before shouting Push!! sending some screaming tribes off the side of the wall The Batak where now firing at them also and from this close range it would be deadly sure enough Mira saw a heavy elite take a arrow straight in the leg the Armour did not even slow the arrow down and she too was sent screaming over the side 

Mira suddenly felt a sharp pain in her leg and she looked down to see a arrow shaft had managed to enter he leg the pain was horrible it burnt she felt her leg just give way and to make matters worse she could feel herself going over the side... No! she tried to balance herself but it was to late she could see the wall and her sisters getting furtherer away she heard a smacking noise she had landed on a roof of a building  and began to tumble down the roof her leg was still in pain her world was dizzy she fell off the roof and landed with a hard crash around her where some Normal Elite and Heavy Elite  and dead tribe girls Mira looked at the sky she could still hear a lot of fighting going on and death her world was starting to fade NO she thought I wont Die like this I wont I...wont....I...

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What!? Natalin and Carla both cried Amy looked shocked as well Impossible she died I felt her where is she now? Why did you not tell me! Natalin stood up so many questions

Emerald raised her hand yes it would seem that way but there is a explanation please listen 

When Vera was murdered to bring Nashala back her body and everything along with it was sent down into the depths of the underworld or the Void if you will Emerald said much like all of One's high ranking minions just so if something was to happen to them making them return would be simple providing you have what caused the death Emerald sighed 

It was a small chance that Vera would never return to this world but it would seem the goddess wills it we have to act quickly Emerald said she is out there somewhere now with probably no memory of what happened to her  most likely wounded and very confused if the Queens forces find her first then I dare not think of what will happen! Its why you both can hear her when the wind blows its her way of reaching out to you she probably has no idea she is doing it 

They will kill her Carla said we must hurry then she stood up Natalin she's alive! Natalin tightened her fists my sister she said she is out there... I am going to find her! she said standing 

No you are not Emerald said strongly WHAT! Natalin and Carla both said at once Why She is our sister 

Think about it for a moment Emerald said Amy now had stood up and behind Emerald as if to agree with what Emerald was about to say

You both are highly ranked among my army my empire I cannot lose you both at once if One or Nashala got wind that the both of you are looking for Vera then we cannot risk what they will do Losing all three of you will devastate me and the Tribes I cannot allow it I wont allow it this war and all that has happened is because of me I wont let those I care about die in vain

Natalin slammed her fist on the table I don't care I am going to find her Carla is too we have to I wont sit by why she is wandering the lands alone!

Emerald stood up now she seemed to be quite persistent you are not going I forbid it she said glaring at Natalin who was still glaring right back at her  

The tension in the room was quite high Carla was sharing mixed feelings about the news and Amy was still siding with Emerald The room was deadly quiet you could hear Emerald breathing heavily she was looking at Natalin 

Eventually Emerald broke the silence you have two days she finally said if you have not found her in two days return to the fortress and we will try and plan our next move in finding her go now time is important!

Carla and Natalin both hurried towards the door  but before Natalin left she turned to Emerald thank you she smiled before hurrying to catch up with Carla 

Amy was now left alone with Emerald you know they wont return in two days time right? Emerald nodded yes I know but they wont of listened to me anyway she sighed again besides the link between them is strong if anyone has a chance of finding her it will be them two 

I just hope they do Amy said there is a storm coming Looking out the window a huge black cloud had started to gather just as the last ray of sun light left the sky

Fate in motion

Around the same time as the events unfolded in the Emerald Fortress Nashala was sat in a chamber high above a fortress she was sat alone muttering some words in a strange and odd book it glowed slightly even in the poorly lit room

There was a knock at the door before it opened as Nashala waved her hand to open it and a very nervous looking Elite appeared in the doorway 

I already know why you are here girl don't bother explaining The elite bowed but as the girl was turning to leave Nashala pulled her into the room and where do you think you are going she smiled wickedly its rude of you to just leave don't you think? umm yes the girl looked around 

Sit down Nashala motioned with her hands the elite just sat down now I will be going now she laughed going towards the door such a pity you looked nervous you should of not tried to hide your thoughts from me girl Nashala smiled now I will be leaving and so will you wont you girl she smiled again looking at the elite who nodded yes I wait no No NO!! shame you can't fly though Nashala laughed to herself as she shut the door behind her leaving the window open the elite just jumped out of cries of alarm echoing up from below  

she walked towards another room and opening the door to see Sapphire was standing inside One was sitting at the back  Ahhhh she said turning I see my message got to you but did you really have to kill my messenger?  

Nashala shrugged she was slow and tried to hide from me what is it you wish to tell me One smiled well I thought you should know Wind Step walks the Land again! 

Really?! Nashala said surprised and so soon she must of escaped the void but that quickly...

Nashala stood there for a moment hearing the news so.. my killer returns from the void 

You sound nervous Sapphire said suddenly 

Nervous? Never my Queen Nashala said Its just that the last time that wretch was alive I was sent back to the void! My return was glorious and since then I have had what I am going to do to that Tribe wretch ever since I returned Nashala tightened her fists 

I will kill her again and again If I have to!

Patience! Sapphire said first we need to find her unlike your resurrection it was planned your location was in a set spot your sisters saw to everything but with this girl her return was not planned she could of appeared anywhere! and if this is the case then no doubt the Empress and her followers would also be looking We shall use this as a time to attack and take more of this Island and soon the Emerald Fortress will be in my grasp and then I will wrap my hands around her neck choke the life from her!

Such a typical way to kill her would you not say One  spoke coldly maybe Sapphire said but at least it is done properly  unlike your recent killings!

One smiled they had it coming I carried out your orders you said nothing about extra tribe filth not that I minded hehe
I told you to take out four of the tribe officers in that fortress Sapphire said not murder half the garrison! We needed some alive for our siege engines! 

details One shrugged 

Do you need me to find this vermin then my queen one said before noticing Nashala glaring at her I think this time I will let Nashala decide on Her fate but first we have to find her... she could of easily appeared anywhere 

I am not risking any of my sisters even though Akkara and Ishala will both love to also get there hands on her.. but who to send and it most cerantly is not going to be you! Nashala said scowling at One still 

I have a idea on who to send but she must be informed after I tell my sisters Nashala smiled very well Sapphire said but hurry time grows short....


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