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General (9 videos)
General rants, blogs and discussions.
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People & Blogs (2 videos)
Personalities, Biographies & Artists
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Sexy (50 videos)
Generally sexy videos
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Horror (53 videos, 9 subcategories)
Videos dedicated to the erotic horror genre including death scenes, attacks, monsters, psychos and vampires!
Amazons (246 videos)
Asphyx (350 videos)
Cannibals! (41 videos)
Execution (304 videos)
Hitwoman (32 videos)
Necro (181 videos)
Guns-Blades (1014 videos)
Vore-People (114 videos)
Vore-things (7 videos)
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BDSM (4 videos, 7 subcategories)
Bondage, spanking, domination, monsters and really rough sex!
Bondage (23 videos)
Catfight (62 videos)
Bondage Sex (100 videos)
Latex (2 videos)
Monster Sex (45 videos)
Spank-Beat (2 videos)
Torture (24 videos)
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Sleepy (4 videos, 5 subcategories)
Girls unconscious, chloro'd, hypnotized, frozen, carried etc
Carrying (2 videos)
Chloroform (6 videos)
Frozen-Statue (2 videos)
Hypnosis (0 videos)
Sleepy (17 videos)