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Swords and Spears by Scipio

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    Monday, 09 May 2011
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    Monday, 09 May 2011
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The Weapon's Clash!


Entering a professional-looking movie set, you are awed by the sight of two near-naked Amazons duelling for the cameras. (What you don't know is that this is Madame Menace's very lucrative snuff movie business!)

As you watch, the young blonde actress starts to turn you on as she twists and turns her taut body seductively for the camera while performing a carefully coreographed series of thrusts and parries with her more sombre opponent. As their weapons clash, you realize they are using real weapons.

Just as well the moves are pre-determined, you think, as the blonde gaily knocks her opponent's sword aside and raises her spear for a pretend killing thrust - leaving her own rippling torso exposed and defenseless.

"Oh Dear!"


Oh! Dear!

   Also unknown to you is the fact that the sultry brunette is Danielle, one of Madame M's favourite assassins!.

   The unfortunate actress squeals in pain and horror as Danielle's sword runs her through. This wasn't supposed to happen!

   Danielle laughs as she stands aside to let the cameras get a full shot of the shocked blonde.



No wonder Madame M heads the production companys in realism! The poor girl falls to her knees, begging Danielle not to kill her. Fat chance! Danielle wrenches her victim's head back and draws her knife to slit the slender throat… incensed, you grab the blonde's spear and lunge forward to save her.



The beautiful assassin turns to meet you, snarling obscenities.

Too late! The avenging spear bites deep and this time it is Danielle's death squeal that fills the Arena.



Still stunned by the pretty blonde's unfortunate demise, you angrily plunge the spear back into Danielle.

"There! try something hard and sharp in your own belly, bitch!"

Danielle twitches her last.


You turn away, leave the cameras still grinding away on their bonus demise. Still focused on the beautiful assassin, now twitching her last for the insatiable Amazon Death Duel market!


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