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Uploading Pics

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    Tuesday, 10 May 2011
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RULE: Please do not upload images you don't own like photos of Playboy models.

Uploading pics in the new story editor is not immediately intuitive but it is easy.

First click on the little green icon at the bottom of the toolgrid:


You'll get a new, popup screen.  Choose the little green icon with the up-arrow near the mid far right.


You'll get a new box - click on 'Add':


Once you've located and uploaded the pic.  Choose it in the middle selector, if you're done just click 'INSERT' at the bottom and you're done!:


If you want your text to wrap around the image, just choose 'Alignment' right, left or whatever.


Adjust margin around the pic and add a border if you want (just below 'Alignment') and then hit INSERT at the bottom!  You're done!

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