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Member since Thursday, 29 September 2016 18:44
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About Me

Basic Information

Gender Male
Birthday 11/12/1955
In a relationship? married
Gender Pref Female
Ideal Man or Woman woman: Smart , funny thin, small breasted, tough yet gentle.
Regular Interests Science, outdoors, hiking swimming etc, history, reading,
Fetish Interests Killing with sharp weapons, knives, swords, spears, axe, gun in a pinch.
FavoriteFantasy stabs to the pussy or general area of the crotch, leading to a slow wiggling death.
About me easy going and friendly , no desire for violence in real life. I don't fantasize about death and sex connected when I a pretty woman in the real world. This is my fantasy only and only in my mind or in role play.

Contact Information

State PA
City / Town secret
Country United States

Recent activities

The Tortured Soul Forum, a no bullshit ultracore extreme site like no other. Now find nearly 40,000 extreme pics covering just about every kink with more being added every day. 800+ videos in the galleries and thousands more from Google Drive! Real death, snuff fantasy, rape, torture, and anything else you can imagine can all be found and discussed in an open, friendly setting. No taboo is denied. You will NOT be bullied or harassed for being a freak. We all are!!

We also do NOT make members "prove" they are "real" nor do we read PMs. EVER. You won't be harassed to pay some huge server bill and there are absolutely no ads of any kind.

Become the monster you always wanted to be, or just hang out with others who also have a duality in their thoughts/lives. Do not hide from your dark side, embrace it! IM chat is also available as well as 16,000+ posts across many discussion topics! We are also the exclusive home to one of our own fe
80 days ago
Take the plunge into the abyss and discover a world beneath your normal reality. The REAL world, where pain is pleasure and no taboo is denied. From the mind of Vex. Now featuring over 27,000 pictures, 500+ videos, and 15,000+ posts! 2000+ freaks as members and we want you as well! Only extreme sadists/masochists need bother! There is no going back.

Please use invite code: QuAd666sn

See you there, psychos!
123 days ago
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173 days ago
Behold, we are nearing 2000 registered members! Come celebrate with us! Serving the extreme fantasy community with nearly 25,000 locally hosted pictures covering all kinks, and spread across 550+ galleries! Plus 426 member uploaded extreme videos (and counting), with hundreds more from various personal Google Drives, 13,000+ posts, with a whole new section of various "death methods"! Also featuring the forum's own Victoria and her home brewed rape and snuff movies.

I've organized the three main sections into tabs for easier navigation (this can be toggled on/off) and we also have blogs, and member groups.

Come check it out! Always free, and no ads!!

The Tortured Soul
181 days ago
how do u feel about pussy shots? ...
212 days ago
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212 days ago
Join an ULTRA EXTREME forum from the creator of one of the web's first anything goes snuff sites (Vex, of Black Falcon's Web Page & Lance's Domain). Find over 23,000 extreme pictures covering all kinks, 350+ videos, blogs, groups, IM chat, thousands of discussion topics, and over 1700 psychotic members!

All content is completely free with no ads of any kind and no BS.

Take the plunge into the abyss and discover a world beneath your normal reality. The REAL world, where pain is pleasure and no taboo is denied.

The Tortured Soul Forum
218 days ago
I have no idea why. now simply forwards to (a legit site over 3 years old)...
218 days ago
"those sites"? It's one site dude. However, Dark Net is now off-line and forwards to my main site, The Tortured Soul. What "cyber traps"? This isn't Dark Fetish Network. LOL
219 days ago
Behold, Dark Net! An ultra hardcore social networking site with no limits to its depravity! Discover extreme videos, pictures, blogs, forums, IM chat, and more! All free with absolutely no ads! Leave your morals behind! There is no going back!

Dark Net
222 days ago