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Various One-Shots


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Various One-Stabs


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It's She-Dog versus She-Dog, vol. III


24 teams of girl-gangs in a "battle royal"-type kinda league. That'll be 276 pics in total - if I'll ever manage to finish them all [I'm referring to the pics here, not the girls actually].

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It's She-Dog versus She-Dog. vol. II


24 teams of fantasy-babes in a "battle royal"-type kinda league. That'll be 276 pics in total - again: if I'll ever manage to finish them all. No guns in here, just hack'n'slash.

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My favourite theme: Just two groups of armed women hacking each other to pieces. Steel penetrates flesh, flesh gets penetrated by steel. In the beginning there's greed and lust and confidence, in the middle there's blood, and in the end there's just ... silence?

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"Samothrace" is the working title of a massbattle-story by WaveDancer.
It's a classic:
Blondes versus brunettes, north versus south, force versus skill ...
The pics in this folder do more or less illustrate WD's story.
Work in progress ...

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Hi everybody, this one is for the shrinks out there ... cause this gallery contains a re-drawn massbattle-scenario I originally did when I was still a teenager.

It's raw, it contains a lot of stuff I've never done again ... and there's practically no nudity in here.
"Annihilation" leads you as close to the origination of my fetish as you might ever get ...

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Annihilation - The Friezes


Okay. In here is the complete "Annihilation"-material in standard-form.
Again: This somehow defines the starting point of my fetish.
So much for the past ...

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How the West wasn't won ...


Bettina Maiden kinda asked for it ...

Well, I don't know if I was able to meet her idea of a fierce battle between red and white [or: soon to be red too] since she herself does incredibly sexy Poser-injun-gals, but I just had to include some of my very own trigger points ...

It wasn't that easy to come back to this particular subject - although when I began to draw 35 years ago it was exactly within these fields where I earned my first merits [due to a couple of female deaths in the german Karl-May-movies].

Which means:
I tried to stay true to some bad movies - and get away as far as possible from any kind of history. [I hope, nobody gets offended.]

Ah, and there's the boots obviously ... - I do of course know how to draw real mocassin boots. But just try to google them: The models my warioresses do wear all have a reference in 21st century fashion ...
[And again: It's all about fantasy, isn't it?]

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Depot Delta


The pics in here do in some way illustrate the build-up of the "Depot Delta"-triptych - which goes along with Citrusblood's fantastic story about Space Pirates in a fight for survival against CivilGuard-Babes in shiny silver catsuits. If you haven't read it yet, hurry over to the DeadSkirts text story board and enjoy! It's ... well, inspirational [obviously].

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BootSlutGirl's Fantasies


I do enjoy BootSlutGirl's vivid imagination pretty much ... her fantasies are dead serious regarding a female combatant's right to orgasm, but at the same time playful and kinda dreamlike regarding the characters' outfits, looks and motivations.
I like that.

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The Kent-Files


The content of this folder was produced during a commission for the most generous Kent - who inspired and encouraged dozens of artists to try out his favourite subject ... AmazonKnights!

In here you'll find a couple of different designs and, of course, the usual stuff [sketches etc.]. Not that much bloody mayhem, though, but anyway: Enjoy!

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Ballerinas versus Biker-Babes


Quite an old [and not very well told] picture story about ... well, contrasts actually.

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thirteen times thirteen


Once upon a time there was a fellow member of the community called TheBlackKnight who used to put celebs against each other in mortal combat. Quite inspiring - especially for an artist who's running out of ideas how his warrioresses should look like every once in a while.
So here's my attempt to follow one of TBK's story-lines. Although "thirteen times thirteen" is not really a mass-battle-scenario [but follows, more or less, the lines of a classical arena-plotline], in the end there should be enough dead bodies lying all over the place to make it look like a huge battleground - if I should ever be able to finish this thing, that is ...

Since TBK hadn't just use celebs in his story but obviously characters that were built after some "women in the street" I'm not including names here that would allow identification. I'm not interested in those celebs as well by the way ... just in their looks. Thanks for your understanding.

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Hide Tanner Girls at War


This is some pretty old stuff from the eighties. Back then I never dreamed that somerhing like the internet might come into existence ... hence the German title. Sorry.
Regarding story, there's not much about it. The Tanner Girls decided that life probably would be more fun if they would do the same thing their customers usually did ... become warrioresses and go out there for a kill.
So they picked up their round knives and went west ... where they met the Helladians, famous for their sumptuous leather skirts ...
Battle was inevitable.

"Hide Tanner Girls at War" is only the first installment of four.
The second installment is nearly fully drawn and just one page short ... the other two installments are just roughly scetched ...

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