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Mission Failure

Skintrooper bodies from a recent assault; pushed aside while enemy forces set up an operational perimter. Proper disposal will have to wait.

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taramis   [Mar 22, 2017 at 04:45 pm]
What a place to lay the face down.
Stephy.Brooks88   [Mar 23, 2017 at 03:39 pm]
Amazing poses and expressions... you are just too good at this Wink
cyke70   [Jun 06, 2017 at 02:32 pm]
The aftermath of a battle against the invaders is always chaotic and problematic, in particular when it comes to proper disposal of the leftovers of a massacre of huge proportions.
Imperial tactics are in fact instilled with a spirit of bravery and fearlessness. The advancing columns of the freely disposable infantry generally march in open ground and without cover or protection. The officers, from safe distance and removed from the impending carnage of their subordinates, send wave after wave of expendable Skintroopers to the onslaught. Their lives are insignificant, then the Empire, determined to conquer a new world, is heedless to how many of them should perish to achieve the subjugation of the Rebels.
The devoted and loyal young slave warriors fight and die in dreadful numbers for the glory of the Empire. Battlefields are covered with their bodies after each action, and the laments and sighs of the wounded fill the air. The Rebels show them no mercy and take no prisoners. Summary execution is promptly administered to every survivor and the carcasses are just left behind.
When the Empire wins a fight and occupies a territory, incinerators are rapidly transported on site in order to properly dispose of the dead and the wounded alike. A disabled combatant is in fact of no further use and it would be unreasonable to invest time and resources to tend disabled units. It is simply more convenient and economical to restore the active force with fresh recruits. Weapons are instead quite valuable and are duly recovered and assigned to the newly transferred conscripts.

Today's fight was particularly intense and ferocious. Determined to prove her value, a recently promoted officer decided not to wait for oncoming reinforces and ordered a brigade under her command to storm an occupied building. These were part of a hastily assembled large delivery shoved into to active duty before the customary recruitment age. They had received virtually no training. Despite their obvious inadequacy, outnumbering the defenders 100 to 1 the officer expected an easy victory and a career boost with considerable but acceptable casualties. The assault order was given.
The cunning rebels let the gullible attackers enter the compound, and two of them lured them through narrow corridors and funneled the mindless horde right into a large and tall conference room with one entrance. Then 20 freedom fighters emerged from the catwalks and started discharging their weapons into the tight ranks of the helpless young slaves. They desperately tried to fight back, but were hopelessly caught in the cross fire.
If the rebels had any sense of humor, they would thank those foolish wretches for having eased that effortless, glorious and rightful massacre. As it was, they simply struggled to leave as few as possible alive.

Outside, the officer heard the desperate death screams of her underage, untrained troops as they were being slaughtered without mercy. Cursing the incompetence and cowardice of the dying slave warriors she owned not too long before, she raced to join the reinforcements she had not awaited. She would have her revenge against those arrogant rebels, who inside the compound, are already piling up the butchered carcasses of the young Skintroopers to use as barricades, fences and roadblocks against the imminent attack of their sisters. There is definitely no shortage of building material.
Meatlover   [Jun 06, 2017 at 06:12 pm]
Nicely said cyke70.
cyke70   [Aug 04, 2017 at 08:38 am]
“What is it, General?” utters annoyed the Governor.
“The new supply of recruits we asked for has been delivered, sire”
“Well? Why do you look so displeased, then? You asked me to request a shipment of 50,000 replacements to compensate for the heavy losses sustained during the recent offensives. The Empress granted 80,000: you should start deploying them on battlefields immediately”
“Not quite, sire. They are comprised of immature slaves, enlisted in force of amendment 237, two years below the standard legal age for combat duty. They are unfit for the strategic operations we planned”
“I see… can’t you just reassign other regiments of fully mature troops to such missions?”
“I am entirely fighting with Skintroopers acquired with amendment 233, sire. One year below legal combat age”
“How is that possible? What about the 300,000 mature units of the initial invading force?”
“All dead, sire. The rebels are ruthless and cunning and we underestimated their determination. They slaughtered our stock of regular infantry in a matter of weeks. And the reserved that followed didn’t last much longer. So far, the amount of our losses between slain and liquidated wounded pieces exceedes 800,000 units. We have been resorting to underage Skintroopers for months”
“That’s unfortunate. Slaves are costless to reclaim, but the Empire accountants will soon complain abouut the expenses for transport and genetic alteration”
“Can we return this shipment and request a lot of legal age, sire?”
“I can solicit a new delivery, but returns are out of the question. And so is keeping useless pieces fed. The most sensible and effective solution is to just dispose of them. A mass execution would be a futile dilapidation of bullets, though. Just use them up in front lines to make the enemy waste their ammunition into them. Of course, they needn't be armed. Remove their battle boots too. They may as well die barefooted.”
“At your orders, sire! I will arrange they are rapidly marched to active battlegrounds.”
“Keep back 10,000 and have them sent to the Great Arena. My engineers have been asking to test experimental weapons for some time. These worthless young slaves are perfect for the purpose.”
“It’ll be done, sire. What kind of experimental weapons, if I may ask, sire?”
“All sorts: grenades with various toxins, tracking bullets and a replica of Death Knights’ lightsabers”
“I’d love to test that one myself, sire!”
“You can do that now: I happen to have a prototype here: feel free to try it on some of the guards”
“It’s not necessary: I brought a dozen of the immature troopers I received. Corporal: have them come forth!”
“Here, General… press the blue button. Stand in front of a piece and slash its belly!” Schvrmmmmmmm!
“I thought I’d slice it in half, but I only just cut it open! It’s not even dead!”
“That’s because your stroke wasn’t deep enough. It took me three attempts to chop a specimen in two. Try again with the next one!” Schvrmmmmmmm!
“Better! You learn fast! Finish this one off: its moans annoy me! Good. Now try a vertical slash!” Schvrmmmmmmm!
“Awesome, sire: I bisected it with a single swing! I want to try the thrust. You three: stand in a line!” Kwishuuuuuuuuuu!
“I run them through without effort. But why are they still squirming and wailing? I have seen Death Knights butcher slews of our Skintroopers: a single touch of their blade is lethal!”
“I told you it is a prototype. Besides, I like it better this way: you can twist the beam into a target and cause more agony. Make them scream. Yes, like that... look how they bend and writhe!”
“It’s a devious weapon in the right hands, sire! I could just wave at a piece and behead it, like this!” Schvrmmmmmmm!
“Indeed. You’re running out of slaves to cut apart, General. Let me see how fast you can slice up those five without chopping them in two!”
Schvrmmmmmmm! Kwishuuuuuuuuuu! Schvrmmmmmmm! Kwishuuuuuuuuuu! Schvrmmmmmmm!
“Formidable, General! Five perfect non-lethal slashes! Guards: remove the carcasses and these whimpering gilts from the room at once!”

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