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Skintrooper Execution

A Skintrooper faces summary execution after capture by the enemy. She doesn't know anything other than her specific mission parameters. No secrets; virtually useless to enemy intelligence.

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pistaccio   [Apr 14, 2017 at 03:54 pm]
Their see through uniforms are soo beautiful & sexy. Not a fan of the thigh high boots and platforms Though. I much prefer the shorter boots, showing more leg.
cyke70   [Jun 05, 2017 at 02:43 am]
Skintroopers are just worthless young Imperial slaves, used up in large numbers to conquer new worlds. Thanks to their virtually endless supply, their lives can be lavished at will, without much concern. Conservative tactics are normally overlooked and officers opt for more daring and reckless battle plans, ordering frontal assaults inspired by the Imperial ideals of bravery and fearlessness. From safe distance, removed from the carnage of their disposable troops, they observe the bloodbath with indifference, only caring about final victory. Mobile incinerators will dispose of carcasses and the wounded alike, later.

In a desperate attempt to contain the invasion, the Rebels assault or ambush landing sites where fresh recruits are disembarked and stockpiled before receiving weapons, equipment and destination to a battle scenario.
Shipments are becoming more frequent, due to the unexpected duration of the occupation. The Empire is flooding this world with hastily conscripted slaves. They receive minimal or no training and are promptly delivered where a fresh stock is needed to replace slaughtered ranks. In order to satisfy the unforeseen boost of demand, the age of enlistment has been reduced by one and then two years.

Still unarmed and virtually helpless upon their arrival, these underage recruits are the preferred targets of sabotage rebel units. In their hit-and-run strikes, they storm a site, execute as many as possible, and flee before armed Skintroopers show up.
However, sometimes the nearest regiment of regular infantry is stationed at a great distance, then Death Platoons can take their time and calmly enjoy mass liquidations.
The incomplete genetic modification of reserves two years below standard combat age makes them particularly submissive and obtuse. They obey whatever order their superiors issue due to their dampened self-preservation instincts, but once captured they also comply with their executioners' instructions diligently.
Death Squads command them to stand in long lines then simply walk along putting a round into each one's head, only stopping to change a magazine. A single shooter can blow the useless brainwashed heads of hundreds in an hour and they sometimes place bets on who will slay more Blue Devils in a minute. Rebel commanders condone such childish and innocent pastimes: their soldiers are fighting a brutal and cruel war, and a few hours of recreation at the sole expense of worthless alien invaders is good for the morale.
A less effective but more entertainig method to dispose of the captives is to bayonet them after making them knee. Due to their reduced body mass and extreme young age, blades sink effortlessly into their chests and bellies. Only occasionally it is necessary to pull it out kicking the fluttering enemy back, when the bayonet gets stuck between the ribs. Therefore, throats and bellies are the preferred spots to stab. The former delivers a quick death whereas the latter makes them moan and writhe for several minutes before they finally pass out. They are just youthful alien slaves, after all: their worthless lives and sufferings are irrelevant.
beermanfreo   [Oct 05, 2017 at 07:47 am]
Good work on this picture. I love the Skintrooper's uniforms and the blood FX were well done.
It reminds me of the famous execution photo from the Vietnam War.

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