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Not This Time...Bimbo!

Stephy enters the stage, confidently...arrogantly. Her bulbous butt sways as she walks, exuding extreme feminine confidence. "It is time for you to Die, Roby! The people have spoken!"

Roby's swagger is equally confident, but somewhat more lackadaisical. "You mean that you do not know? You poor, big-butt bimbo!"

"Who are you calling a bimbo?" Stephy asserts, mashing her breasts into Roby's, "They voted for me to kill you, and that's what I'm gonna do!"

As far as Stephy is concerned, that "big-butt" part is merely a compliment...

Roby tosses her head back, laughing "You will find out soon enough!"

"Find out What, bitch?" Stephy inquires in irritability "I'm getting tired of this...we all know I'm here to kill you!"

Roby assumes a fighting stance and declares "Come then...let us fight so that you can 'kill me"!"

The swords flash as the voluptuous women spin and slash, trying to slay one another. Three minutes into the fight, Stephy is unexpectedly stabbed...right through her fucking heart!

"Huh, wha?" she sputters with a sexy snarl.

"What?" Roby laughs, "What is that you are a dead woman!" Roby begins to absentmindedly play with Stephy's tits, trailing her fingers around them and squeezing the expiring woman's nipples.

"You see," Roby lectures, "This is not the Martial Arts Madness gallery. We just fought in the Barbarian Bitches gallery. They did not vote on This fight...bimbo! And now I have Killed You!" Roby squeezes Stephy's soft tits as she makes her point. Stephy's boobs throb with the sword between them...and with Roby's hands on them.

Stephy's eyes roll back in her head as her titties jiggle from expiring torso spasms. "I can't wait to slay this bitch in the right gallery..." she thinks, just before she dies with a cold, cross-eyed gaze.

Roby continues to play with Stephy's curvy corpse. She pulls her by the tits to the nearby door, and she hangs the luscious corpse over the window in the door. Stephy's big, dead ass moons the scene as Roby begins to spank it with exuberant laughter.

We haven't forgotten about any of you girls...Stephy, Wendy, Theodora, Tasha, Sonja, Julia, and everyone else. This stuff takes time.

Not_This_Time___Bimbo21_3.JPG Not_This_Time___Bimbo21_2.JPG Not_This_Time___Bimbo21.JPG Hungkh21_No___Fair___Aaahhhh___.JPG The_Big-Breasted_Barbarian_Slayer.JPG

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