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The Heroines of Amadon 1

This year will see the arrival of many feminine heroes! Several series will get underway, including The Heroines of Amadon! It was exactly a year ago that the Fat Titty Shoguness betrayed the crew of an Amadonan vessel that were in her country to purchase weapons. The ship had been part of a fleet, and after the rest of the vessels departed, General Boobsbee confronted the Shoguness. It turns out that the Shoguness had been selling inferior steel to the Amadonans, and though it was far superior to Greco-Romonan steel, the quality was not up to the standard of the Fat Titty Samurai. The Shoguness murdered General Boobsbee and sank the ship, and as hundreds of survivors came to shore, a few were killed by the Fat Titty Samurai.

But then it became clear that this was no ordinary crew! These women were Amadonan nobles! The samurai had only killed a few concubines, and the shoguness had slain a priestess, but soon, the magnitude of the women coming to shore became clear.

"Goddesses no!" a samurai screams, "It's an Insatiable! She's an Insat-aaackkkk!" the samurai is pinned by Ualla the Insatiable. Her words are cut off as Ualla stabs her forcefully between her large, naked titties with the samurai's own sword! The woman's limbs twitch widely as Ualla's robust ass holds her in place!

Other samurai begin to scream around Ualla. "Oh no! She's a Destroyeress!" and "I'm gonna Die! This bitch is an Unvanquished!" and "I'm gonna get killed by a fucking Conqueress!"

You see, the ship was transporting some of Amadon's highest officials. These women report directly to Empress Adebola of the Majestic Crown! You may recall Udah the Insatiable from previous tales. Insatiable is her actual military rank. Women with the rank Insatiable are killing machines on the battlefield. They conduct war like wolves, cutting through enemies like madwomen, but they are tender and loving towards their families and countrywomen.

The rank Destroyeress goes to women who successfully invade enemy states and operate behind the lines. The rank Conqueress belongs to women who have successfully taken over enemy territory and established a capitol, and the rank Unvanquished belongs to women who have fought off at least ten adversaries at one time. These samuari are clearly Fucked!

Ualla the Insatiable grabs her latest's foe's deceased breasts, copping a feel before directing her attention to the next. "Ah," Ualla says as a particularly competent samurai approaches "You lead these two...make that this one!" The Insatiable is enjoying this...she is laughing broadly!

"You will pay for this, Amadonan Beast!" the samurai screeches, charging toward Ualla with her magnificent rack bouncing. At the same time, another samurai charges Ualla from behind, but Ualla simply lifts her left leg with the dexterity of a ballerina, and she crushes the front samurai's shoulder with the might of her voluptuous leg while sidestepping the rear samurai.

"Hurack!"the kneeling samurai is stabbed right through the heart! Her sword is immediately seized by Ualla, who abruptly throws it between the other samurai's shoulder blades. The blade emerges between the samurai's fat tits as they continue to bounce in a stumbling, dying run. Meanwhile, Ualla grabs the kneeling samurai's head and shoves it between her legs, smashing the dying woman's face into her vagina. The woman's final sounds become muffled rumblings that vibrate the Insatiable just enough for a brief orgasm! She drops the now-dead samurai's body as she watches the other woman's butt musles flex a few times before her expiration.

"I'm just getting Started with you Bitches!" Ualla the Insatiable bellows before a rumbling war laugh. As Insatiables are prone to do when enraged, Ualla begins to refer to herself in the third person, rumbling "Ualla will break you foolish women! Why did you start this fight? Puny women! Ualla knows why you started that history will remember that you were killed by an Insatiable!" her war laugh is mighty!
Samurai spines chill at the sound!

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