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Just Another Dead Stephy II

He has a long travel and needs the meat. This one will add to the pantry.

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m/p   [Mar 08, 2016 at 08:50 am]
What can I say pistaccio! You inspired me. I realized I’m not done with her yet….. Smile
Stephy.Brooks88   [Mar 08, 2016 at 04:06 pm]
I like to think that I'm a bit of an inspiration to you too Wink I absolutely LOVE this new picture m/p, when I woke up this morning I never expected to end up as dinner for some nasty alien! (fun fact about me: when I lay on my back in real life, my feet point inwards more naturally than outwards Wink )
pistaccio   [Mar 18, 2016 at 12:06 pm]
oh wow! I'm so glad you were inspired, and also by Stephy, of course Razz Very Happy I totally love the follow up. Words cannot describe how much I love this theme and render of the gorgeous corpse being dragged away ignobly and unceremoniously by its hair, with its lowly feet stripped and sticking out. Once again a great job on the crotch, with the lovely silhouette of the butt cheeks, the fat cunt lips and the open vagina totally drenched in her white female juices that can be enjoyed under the transparent panties, and that are somehow being kept in by the transparent fabric, which prevents them from spurting out. In all its intricate and erotic details I would say this is the best and most beautiful "open cunt" render I have ever seen. Her cunt is just gorgeous.

Great work also on the hair grabbing. It's not an easy part, and many artists pay little attention to get the hair grabbing just right to make it look realistic. He's got his hand nicely wrapped around a huge chunk of her hair, which would actually be required if the hair is indeed to serve as a useful and effective handle or rope to comfortably pull on and drag away the heavy carcass. Well done, I think best hair grabbing pose I've seen, so beautifully realistic, which makes the viewer enjoy it all the more as he visualizes and fantasizes the carcass being pulled along by its hair.

A million thanks for doing it and sharing. It's now one of my all time favorites, really, no exaggeration Very Happy Any chance of posting another angle or two of this great render? It is such a magnificent work of art that it really deserves a couple more angles. Or maybe even a follow up where her panties have come loose and she messes up the floor with all her juices, leaving a pool behind her.

Tks for inspiring the pics too Stephy. Glad you also absolutely love this picture. It's gorgeous beyond belief. And your helpless rag doll like expression and feet sticking out just make it perfect Razz

I would say that in my fantasy art world this picture, both in terms of the theme (corpse dragged unceremoniously by its hair) and in terms of execution of the theme, is just about as perfect as they come. Very Happy
farside   [Aug 03, 2016 at 08:24 pm]
why do so many girls like their pulled when making love and/or giving head? Seems to be a popular thing and I love to oblige of course.. Do you like that Steph?
Stephy.Brooks88   [Aug 04, 2016 at 02:27 pm]
Having the guy just being totally in control is fun... Wink
pistaccio   [May 20, 2017 at 03:22 pm]
I guess it's a primordial masochistic need to be utterly dominated, and pulling and yanking such dominated girls' hair drives home the total power of the dominant, because it achieves 2 things, it disarms her and puts her in a state of total helplessness, but it is also extremely humiliating.
cyke70   [Jun 14, 2017 at 01:31 pm]
The creature removes StephyCG062TB’s boots and drags the limp carcass to her vehicle, where it is duly stored in the refrigerated compartment.
She is a conscientious and caring mother. Her offspring needs nourishment for the oncoming cold season and she has taken care of the hunting since most males have joined the Army to fight off the invaders. She needs to harvest many of these tiny and skinny critters. Her progeny is growing fast and is always hungry.
Centaurian females have learnt that after a battle there is usually plenty of disbanded Stephy clones roaming aimlessly nearby. The Human Covenant doesn’t bother with extraction when one of their regiments is facing annihilation. It is in fact more cost-effective to leave them behind to slow down the enemy thus covering the valuable officers’ retreat. Lost Infantry can be replaced by the new crops always maturing in the vats.

A furious battle raged for hours in the eastern plain and the woods are now crammed of confused and disorderly stragglers. As soon as the fighting faded out, hunters moved in to take advantage of the momentary abundance of easy and helpless prey. She has to work fast, because the competition is growing more aggressive and numerous.
First she is going to inspect the traps: she wouldn’t want some other mother to steal her kills. They needn’t be elaborate: no Centaurian would ever trigger one but Stephys' training doesn't even mention guerrilla techniques. They always copiously end up impaled in the belly by the spikes. She only finds three though. One is still twitching and moaning, then she slits its throat before removing the body. The invaders are slim and tiny but three are heavy to drag around: she struggles to carry them to her vehicle.

That first plasma bolt was unwise: it could attract other hunters or alert the prey. She has to resort to the stealthy approach her mate taught her before leaving for war.
She hides in a tree above a path and waits: those pale devils will surely walk recklessly on it. She doesn’t have to wait long. A silent arrow sinks with a squirt of crimson into the unprotected neck of an unaware young clone, who drops instantly into the grass. She’ll collect later. Another one comes forth, and receives a lethal dart between the scapulas. A third is pierced in the chest, right where these female mammals differ in shape from their males. She cannot carry more than three, then another trip to the refrigerated storage is in order.
On her way, she hears plasma shots being fired in the forest: more hunters are joining the easy reaping. She must make haste.

The inexpert and incautious aliens are not quiet when they casually wander around, then she starts actively tracking them down. Most still carry pistols, but are too unskilled to use them effectively. She ambushes one after the other and with a powerful slash of her blade she cuts it open diagonally, shoulder to waist. It’s messy and gruesome, but effective. They squeal and drop immediately and time is at a premium: she can't afford subtlety and discretion with so much competition around. She wants to hoard as many of these skinny curs as possible and return home.
She hears chirping: a small group must be approaching and this could make a large catch. Possibly the last of the day, if she manages to leave none alive.
She lays flat in high grass and when the flock walks by her, she sinks her short blades into the lower orifices of two, where they usually leak fluids from, when they are slain. They utter a shrill screech and clutch at their previously untouched pelvis. She will finish them off later: now she needs to swiftly butcher the remaining whelps. Four throwing stars fly in the evening breeze and sink into the unprotected soft throats of as many gurgling targets. Then she resorts to her scimitar and surges the surviving Stephys, two of whom are sliced open with a single slash. Eight down, only three to go: it is only a matter of seconds before they lay in expanding pools of their own blood. If there is one thing these vile invaders do well, is die.
When all the game is incapacitated, she retrieves her daggers from the first agonizing victims, not without enjoying a lively twist of the blades into the wounds. They can scream as much as they want now: she has more than enough to feed her offspring for several moons. Then she turns to those still fluttering and quickly drives her sword where she learnt these tiny mammals have a blood pump. She piles up the carcasses and rushes to recover her vehicle: she might need to chop them up to fit so many bodies into the refrigerated compartment.

... to be continued ...
Stephy.Brooks88   [Jun 14, 2017 at 03:09 pm]
WOW.... Shocked Shocked Shocked more please!!!! Wink
cyke70   [Jun 14, 2017 at 10:33 pm]

The hovercraft breezes silently in the forest, but when the huntress comes to an opening she stops in dismay and beholds a large assemblage of disbanded Earth Infantry. They must have gathered to seek protection in numbers. The brisk training Stephy clones receive doesn’t include taking cover when in danger, then those still in possession of a weapon just stand idle, shooting at the vehicle. Their primitive bullets cannot penetrate the armor but they keep up their futile attempt nevertheless. If the Centaurian had a sense of humour, she would be laughing at their desperate and unreasonable efforts. Instead, she just primes her mini-gun and starts firing into the defenseless ranks of young clones. Plasma bolts rip through their slim and unprotected, nearly childish bodies effortlessly. With rapid sweeps of her weapon, she methodically slaughters the helpless alien enemies, thrilled for contributing to the extermination of these wretched, wailing and yelping invaders.

Soon the opening is littered with moaning copies of Stephy, slowly and painfully dying for the cauterized but still lethal wounds plasma cannons cause.
Before resuming her journey towards her nest, where her offspring is eagerly awaiting the provisions in her vehicle, the Centaurian cannot help considering what a terrible waste that was. But there are several other hunters in the area, mostly tender and thoughtful mothers like her, and they surely heard her withering gunfire. They must certainly be on their way to the scene of that rightful massacre, in order to collect. Carrion feeders will clean up the rest.

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