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Just Another Dead Stephy

She had eluded him in M/P’s Space Girls but he finally tracked her down. This time Steph did not escape…. Welcome to 2016!

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Stephy.Brooks88   [Jan 01, 2016 at 07:27 am]
What a perfect way to start 2016!!! I absolutely love every single thing about this, my expression, the way the alien is roughly inspecting my face, and the way I embarrassingly wet myself in my cute little panties! Embarrassed Shocked Very Happy
evilcowgirl   [Jan 01, 2016 at 12:57 pm]
I agree with Stephy ... great job !
TheodoraMina   [Jan 02, 2016 at 11:38 pm]
Looking to be an awesome 2016 already!
ZoeyC   [Jan 04, 2016 at 07:56 am]
Ohh, so embarrassing for you Stephy! Wonderful image! Smile
pistaccio   [Mar 05, 2016 at 08:29 pm]
I really, really love the way he is treating the carcass with such incredible disdain - by savaging its hair to examine the dead face, and just treating it like a worthless rag doll. I love her facial expression, one of brutal slaughter; I love the way her breasts that have been exposed stick out like perky mounds; and I totally love the nice touch of her beautiful transparent undies that allow us a full view of her vaginal opening, how she lies in a huge pool of her fluids, and how the sopping wet knickers have clung so tightly to her butt meat and anus. It's truly gorgeous. Such humiliating treatment and display of a beautiful carcass is not just priceless, but is I think one of the most beautiful and exciting Amazon death scenes. I love all artwork depicting the undignified and humiliating treatment of the dead. I think it's the most erotic Rolling Eyes This masterpiece really deserves a follow up. It would be sooo nice to see the alien just walking away dragging the carcass behind him humiliatingly by the hair, showing the same angle with its legs splayed in the foreground, but with its feet stripped naked of their boots, with soles just sticking out - a beautiful follow up scene of humiliating and undignified disposal - as the alien seeks to further punish the slaughtered warrior in death through humiliation Smile
Stephy.Brooks88   [Mar 06, 2016 at 08:53 am]
Absolutely LOVE the comment pistaccio Very Happy
m/p   [Mar 07, 2016 at 02:06 pm]
Thanks pistaccio, I’m open to a follow up. I believe I still have the original scene.
cyke70   [Jun 11, 2017 at 01:38 pm]
Stephy has died countless times over the past 27 years.
Or at least she feels like she has. Safe in the cloning facility a mile underground, an aged and tired Stephy, the true Stephy, sits in the blood extraction chair, like almost every week in over two decades: only once a month she cannot provide the genetic material due to her female nature. It is not going to be a problem for long given her age, though.
She is quiet and cooperative. She was chosen for that very reason. The Earth Covenant needed a virtually endless supply of compliant and loyal troopers. Our planet was dying and we needed to move somewhere else. The entire population wouldn’t fit in the ark headed to Centauri 74b then only the most influential and least poisoned humans were selected for the journey.
What we did not expect is that Centauri 74b was already inhabited, and that the Centaurians were highly civilized and not happy to see an alien colony established on their world.
 But there was no turning back, then the sole option was war.
Not enough numerous to fight one, the humans chose the finest soldier in their small army for mass cloning. Stephy was the one. Corporal Stephy Brooks started donating her genetic material endless times, in order to produce infinite copies of herself, who could fight for the human race, exterminate the natives and terraform the planet.
But the aliens are resilient, bellicose and ruthless. Legions of S units lost their artificial lives in savage battles.
Over the years cloning techniques were perfected and grew more efficient, and so did maturation pods. Now a clone of the apparent age of 16 is ready for combat in 6 weeks.
Stephy has died countless times over the years, but she has been reborn again and again.
Centaurians are intrepid fighters. They have no mercy or compassion for the young invading troopers. Their weapons are vicious. Their strategies brilliant. Earth infantry has sustained catastrophic losses. No quarter is ever asked or given. No prisoners are taken alive. Not for long, at least. And those who are, wish they were not.
Stephy feels like she has died countless times, and since in every savagely slaughtered clone there is a cell of her blood, somehow she has been dying. Cell after cell.
She is tired, and aged. But she is also loyal and compliant, quiet and cooperative. That is why she was chosen. But her mind is getting weak: she finds herself repeating things over and over. Like when she feels like she has died. Countless times.

Many battles are raging outside. Stephy units are fighting, and dying. Selfless and obedient, they surge Centaurian positions under heavy fire without questioning orders. The Earth Covenant spares no effort to win the war. The lives of all the copies of her out there are irrelevant. Once the enemy is eradicated, they will have outlived their purpose and should be dismissed anyway. Liquidation and recycling plans were already arranged. But for the time being, replication plants are still working at full capacity.
Stephy sits calm in her chair whilst the usual amount of blood is pulled from her system. A new generation of her duplicates will be ready in 6 weeks and deployed 8 days later, after a brisk training. Most of them will be dead within the following month. Or less. The cunning aliens started assaulting cloning facilities. They torched whole crops who had just come out of the maturation pods. Consequently, production was transferred underground.

StephyCG062TB walks nervously in the woods. Suddenly, a bolt of plasma flows through her chest. She looks down at the instantly cauterized wound, shocked and surprised. Her sight gets blurred and she falls on her knees. Then she drops backwards, slowly and gracefully, with sprawled thighs in what she would consider an indecent posture, if only she had learnt what that means in her 12 days of life.
In human terms, she is only 16 years old and her juvenile, slim build is quite weightless in the reduced atmosphere of Centauri 74b. She is still twitching when her slayer grabs her and starts dragging its fluttering pray towards the hunting vehicle.
Stephy, the true Stephy Brooks, aged and tired, feels a shiver across her spine. She has died one more time. Yet she is there, watching her blood flow into the vial. The seeds of new fearless and committed copies of her are about to be reborn, to fight and die for the survival of mankind.
m/p   [Jun 12, 2017 at 09:32 pm]
Wow! cyke70, I almost feel bad for poor Stephy…. BTW: The cloning techniques have been perfected so that after a short gestation period her clones roll out as perfect 18 year old virgins….. Very Happy
cyke70   [Jun 13, 2017 at 12:05 am]
I am glad you appreciate, M/P Smile
The point of my short story was exactly this: to convey an atmosphere of universal sadness, thwarted expectations and a moral dilemma about good and evil. Hopefully I succeeded, though the space limits for comments are a true pain! Confused
I see you also noticed my implicit mention to the contrast between an original (and sinful, being a fierce soldier) Stephy, who lives a long and relatively safe life... and her clones, fresh and innocent -under many aspects Wink - who on the contrary pay a gruesome price taking upon themselves the salvation of mankind Confused
Soon... I'll be commenting Episode II of this short series, but expect a change of pace and yet another unexpected twist in the plot Razz
Stephy.Brooks88   [Jun 13, 2017 at 02:47 pm]
eeeeee!!!! So excited!!! M/P- this is still one of my all time favorite pictures ever (you have me SO perfect), and Cyke- this story was totally amazing and i'm super excited for the next one too!! Very Happy Very Happy

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