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Winners and Losers

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Stephy.Brooks88   [Mar 29, 2015 at 04:18 pm]
Absolutely love it m/p! New work from you is always such a treat! Very Happy
ZoeyC   [Mar 30, 2015 at 02:39 am]
Haha, love the title for the image! Smile
pistaccio   [Mar 06, 2016 at 02:56 am]
wow! I totally love the way you managed to depict the one on the right releasing all her fluids by squirting through her undies, and pouring down like an open tap, with her legs apart, in dramatic and beautiful contrast to her getting filled up from her other end. That's the story of warrior women, fluids in, fluids out, all over their gorgeous bodies, in a constant cycle of erotic battle, sex and death.

I never imagined that such a scene could somehow look so beautiful. It is truly magical, because the art gives the impression that her lovely G string has filled up like a bag with all her fluids, that no doubt also include a healthy amount and rich supply of female ejaculate brought on inevitably by her death spasms. It is clear that the mixture of fluids do not simply soak through all the fabric, spreading out equally as one would imagine when the fabric is porous, but are now just pouring out of it in one spot because this transparent makeshift bag has been filled to bursting point, and the impervious fabric designed to hold in her juices to leave her moist and juicy down there, simply cannot hold them in any more, so they find a point of release at the bottom, and then just pour out copiously.

In fact I'm pretty sure that I can detect the lowering waterline inside the beautiful, transparent G-string, showing that it is still half full, while emptying out, with the waterline having reached half way down her pretty pudenda, which we can admire and enjoy through the transparent fabric. The fluids keep pouring out of it, forced out, as it were, from the centre of the fabric under their own weight, right at the bottom Razz I just so love this special effect, really, its magnificent, my gosh, it's simply gorgeous! I've never seen anything like it. And with the added fantasy thrown in that these fluids include lots and lots of ejaculate, that the warloving women just cannot help to produce in the heat, passion and tremendous excitement of battle, which is exactly the reason why they choose to become warriors, to experience battle ecstasy, and which fluids now obviously also need to find release, I find this scene unbelievably erotic, dramatic and exciting. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I think words simply cannot describe how beautiful that transparent bag/G-string filled with squirting juice & fluids looks between her open legs. Rolling Eyes

And I also really love the gorgeous expression and pose of the beautiful carcass on the left, as it is just left on display to dangle on its knees, with its tongue hanging right out, in grotesque manner, telling the story of how she choked to death in her hanging, with her corpse now just dangling helplessly in such a humiliating and undignified position, for the victor's viewing pleasure.

I'm thinking he's probably positioned her that way to fill her up when he's done flooding the other carcass's throat. These humiliating poses somehow make them both look so beautiful Wink Razz

This is definitely one of my favourite poses by far! Incredible erotic work of art in the theme of "slaughtered warrior woman aftermath and subsequent sexual conquest". Thanks for sharing.

Great title, by the way, "Winners and Losers" indeed, the title and pic say it all, winners get to enjoy the delicious & beautiful fruits of their conquest, while the losers are humbled and made to suffer all kinds of erotic indignities, even in death, as their gorgeous and seductive carcasses become the ultimate sex toys & tools to manifest the ultimate conquest over sexy enemy warriors Laughing
m/p   [Mar 07, 2016 at 02:04 pm]
Pistaccio thank you for the erotic description, you obviously gave this a lot of thought. Smile The tight seams of her panties did not allow the liquid to pour out the sides. Instead the liquid filled her panties until it bulged around her genitals. The fabric finally reached its saturation point and released its contents in a steady stream. Watching her juices flow only aroused her killer more.

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