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Another cutie falls in uneven battle against the invaders...

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Album name:bambino nero / Babes & Bullets
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Artist:Bambino Nero
# of Favorites:15
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Date added:Dec 23, 2014
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capricorn   [Dec 23, 2014 at 06:16 am]
Thanks for a nice X-mas present ... she's gorgeous. [Although I would've prefered her wearing boots ... but to know that HeroicSacrificer will be in barefoot-fetish-heaven now is a comforting and probably a Christian thought as well ... Cool ]
womenfight   [Dec 23, 2014 at 10:07 am]
what a sexy blonde.....and her face, so pretty
heroicsacrificer   [Dec 23, 2014 at 11:15 am]
Indeed, I am happy to see some of Bambino Nero's barefooted gals, though I'd rather see them barefoot in urban warfare, rather than in the country side. Very Happy
bambino nero   [Dec 23, 2014 at 02:50 pm]
sorry i am still not ready to put my gals barefoot on a pile of urban rubble...
Chicco45   [Dec 24, 2014 at 01:08 am]
Once again, very nice Smile
OU   [Dec 24, 2014 at 03:59 am]
Very nice as usually! Bambino Nero aka Ambul Hazred is best professional. There is also some another nice specialists but in realistic style Bambini Nero is best. All - nice models nice expression (etc.) nice story/scene, nice ... And different area of females bodies for "piercing". (I especially like in bottom belly at least 1 piercing Wink ). Can you develop serie where many females all ages strip and official shoting / stabbing by nazi (etc.) ? This can be best (also because we will see "seducing" of nice females before they will be pierced (including strip), we will know/learn/"find out" these all females before they ... we will be see all "story") Wink Smile
alex23456   [Jan 11, 2015 at 12:11 pm]
After the death of this beautiful blonde her for a long time can be used to satisfy the sexual needs of the soldiers whom she wanted to kill.
Stephy.Brooks88   [Jan 11, 2015 at 12:47 pm]
I LOVE your work Bambino (and Alex- your comments are great too Wink )!!! Smile
pistaccio   [Jan 15, 2015 at 04:54 am]
Gorgeous. Maybe you do a follow up with her corpse slumped and buns out. Here's a possible storyline...As shots rang out followed by the sounds of shrieking women, a blonde slut shot out the door of the cabin brandishing a semi automatic weapon, catching the assailants by surprise. She emerged undressed, just in a petty coat and bare feet, not losing any time to put on her boots or even her G string. She felled 2 of them, hurling abuse at them as she fired, demanding that they die, before taking a blast into her stomach. She let out a howl of pain, dropping her weapon and collapsing to slump face down over a pile of logs. As her arms and bare feet thrashed about and flailed wildly in mid air her pettycoat slipped down to her waist to reveal a gorgeous pair of golden buns and thick blonde bush, as juice dribbled down her swollen, hairy labia, dripping down to the logs at her feet. One of the assailants walked up to her, grabbed a fistful of her blonde pigtail and yanked her head up savagely, eliciting a pitiable wail as the violent jerking backwards of her writhing torso set the wound in her stomach on fire once more. He looked into her face that was filled with a mix of agony, hatred and pleading. She squawked as he shook her head by her hair to enforce his power over her. He slapped her round buns hard a few times each, then he leaned over her to taste her full between her buns, rolling his tongue along the soft tissue, before invading her by fist fucking her pink, puckered hole with his other hand as he kept a firm grip on her pig tail. A naked foot lept up in agony and protest at the sudden and painful anal invasion, kicking him squarely in the face, to which he reacted by grabbing hold of it by its slim ankle and stuffing the foot with its slender toes wolflike into his mouth. He breathed in the scent of her lavender soap she had just used in her shower, mixed with the fresh smell of the early morning grass at her feet. He toyed with it at first, nibbling and munching on the toes before sinking his teeth deep into their soft meat and tiny, delicate bones. She let out a loud, blood curdling shriek, begging and squealing for mercy, which only served to drive him to bite down even harder than before with crunch. Then he muffled her screams which turned to frenetic gurgles by ramming his dick into her mouth, plugging her and forcing it ever deeper down her throat with every thrust. "You killed 2 of my buddies, you blonde filth! Now I'm going to make sure that you are severely punished". And with that he pumped her gurgling throat as he sank his teeth deep into her other bare foot, drawing blood. After cumming several times down her throat he grabbed her ankles with both hands and dragged her wriggling, squealing, protesting body unceremoniously behind like a piece of garbage by its feet along the grass to his truck, as her now soaked petty coat rolled up to her chest, exposing her buns and bleeding back. His mate yanked her up from the other end by the hair and together they flung her gorgeous body like worthless trash that needed no decorum, into the truck face down on top of the pile of the 4 splayed corpses of her companions. "We'll fetch a good bounty for these filthy outlaw sluts" he said. "Plus, this was far more fun than our usual military targets. "They've robbed their last bank. Pity about our mates, but I guess we'll be splitting the bounty in 2 now", he said. He yanked her up by the hair one last time to look into her pleading, dying eyes, then slammed it back down with a thud onto the soles of the arched feet of her companions that had just been stripped of their boots. "These sluts' feet, that are the last thing you'll ever see in this world, will keep you company along the way, bitch. No supple breasts or soft buns or fury bushes for you, to serve as a soft pillow for you to die on. That's all you deserve, to die at these sluts' feet!, filthy outlaw slut."
Hamilcar   [Oct 26, 2015 at 03:31 pm]
Gorgeous death Laughing

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