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Native American Amazons vs a Gatling Gun-9

Another warrior arrived on the scene and helped Runs-Like-a-Deer remove the clothes and ornaments of their fallen comrades. The two warriors then carefully placed the bodies in a large pile.

This image is for those of you who asked for a body pile (by the way - these take a lot of work to get them right!). Next up: what happens to the bodies of the cowgirls. Thanks again for all your comments. They have inspired me to keep rendering for what has become my longest series ever.

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Amazonus   [Aug 14, 2017 at 07:48 pm]
Good work AF! Love the details! Definitely hope you do more series in this genre, I love the Indian Girl vs Cow Girl genre Wink
pistaccio   [Aug 15, 2017 at 02:19 am]
such a beautiful bodypile, absolutely love it. Thanks so much for adding this. Yes the bodypiles are a lot of work, but worth it if an artist can get them done, because it lets the erotic imagination run absolutely wild. There is something so uniquely sensational and erotic about once brave warriorwomen reduced to meaty battle trash, just being unceremoniously tossed onto a pile of dead meat to lay on top of one another haphazardly, sensuously and peacefully, even humiliatingly.

Also love that wonderful fantasy of the humiliating stripping naked of the carcasses, which somehow reinforces the exciting theme of unceremonious disposal of the vanquished as they are erotically treated, not as heroic warriors all lined up side by side and honoured in all their glory and regalia, but simply as disposable pieces of discarded dead meat. Even their fine leather footwear and short tunics have more value now, as they are unceremoniously removed from lifeless feet and crotches to be reused by fresh troops, while the beautiful corpses are simply stacked up and left as carrion for the wild birds and beasts in search of meat.

I love all the posing; the one on the left unceremoniously dumped with her legs wide apart, the squaws not having wasted any time to conceal the intimate parts of what is now just worthless carrion; the one on the right, slumped over a corpse and a leg, the one at the bottom, with her face buried without a care under another corpse's ass, the sight of so many genitals exposed in the pile...these are the touches that make for such beautiful and enjoyable erotic artwork, really! As is the carrying of the carcass with its legs wide open, leaving its vaginal opening in full view.

I also love the soles of the dead feet in the foreground, just sticking out so helplessly as the squaw grabs her ankles, and the armpits, as they are at a full stretch with the weight of the corpse pulling relentlessly at the sockets. This pic is just so beautiful. I know how long it takes to get these poses right, so I really do appreciate it.

You really must capitalise now on all the work on the body pile by showing us different angles of the erotic pile of dead meat in follow up pics. One such suggestion is with the carried corpse being unceremoniously tossed in the air, with legs still open and crotch in full view, as it is about to land onto the body pile.

May I possibly inspire the treatment of the cowgirls? While I admit I totally love the fetish of the dragging and parading of the vanquished after battle, unceremoniously and humiliating by the feet, other times by the hair, there seems to be no better occasion for this than this series. After suffering such heavy losses with a very mismatched armoury, I cannot imagine the Indians not seeking to punish and humiliate the slaughtered cow girls after death, after the obvious stripping and plunging their spears into conquered private parts, front and back. by dragging the 3 corpses by the feet and hair, possibly behind horses if you could do that. If not, then with the Indians pulling on ropes over their shoulders as they haul the corpses back to camp for further treatment and display, leaving them even less dignity than they left their own dead squaws as they are dragged face down in the dirt, naked but with their boots still on.

Tks so much for meeting requests as you go along. It really is much appreciated. And don't end this series anytime soon, let the fantasies unroll and develop on the same theme. Razz

Yet another addition or two to my favorites list...
I don't mind admitting that I often check in to this site again just to see if you have made any new additions to your gorgeous Amazon art. You are by far my favorite artist, and taking on suggestions, it can only get better Cool
Lethal_Planet   [Aug 15, 2017 at 02:47 pm]
As far as what happens to the cowgirl's bodies... Indians tended to scalp their victims, but since this is a world of erotic woman-woman violence, I'd think these warriors would probably strip the cowgirl's bodies and thoroughly fuck them. Afterward, it's likely they will mutilate them (cutting the heads off some, cutting the hearts out of others) and impaling the bodies for display, placing any removed heads or limbs on seperate pikes. At least that's how I picture it Smile
1970gemini   [Aug 16, 2017 at 01:12 am]
... and don't forget the tomahawk Smile
pistaccio   [Sep 11, 2017 at 01:21 pm]
some good points Lethal Planet. Well, historically there is ample evidence of many features of battle that sometimes feature in Amazon art on this site. We know that many warriors indulged in punishment and mutilation of enemy warriors, that commonly included strikes to the genitals, multiple stabbings, and taking of trophies. The native Americans took scalps, while others often took genitals, and impaling or hanging up the dead was not uncommon.

In this series we have a pose of one of the squaws mutilating a corpse's genitals with great passion, as deserved punishment, which apparently in many ancient battles was quite common. It has long been held that those body parts that are the centre of passion in life are also in a different and brutal way the centre of wild passion in battle and in death. One need only think of the many medieval devised and designed to torture and to punish particular female parts, like the breast ripper, the breast crusher, to mutilate the breasts, and the pear to punish the genitals. Ferocious battles against warriorwomen would have seen similar treatment, or worse.

Maybe this is why so many Amazon art lovers also love and are immensely stirred by the passion of striking the Amazons in the genitals, which somehow throughout the ages seems to have stirred a unique rush and erotic thrill that can never be equalled by a strike to other parts of the body.

The way I interpret the particular render in this AF series, in the aftermath of the bloody battle, with the second squaw dragging the other corpses by the feet towards her companion who is passionately mutilating the third corpse's genitals, my imagination and fantasy tell me that she is bringing the 2 corpses to her companion to be given the same humiliating and erotic punishment. Otherwise, why take the time to drag 2 heavy corpses in that direction if not to take them for some special treatment and form of punishment?

I think one of the wonders of art is that it stimulates our imagination, which makes it more exciting, and which lead the mind to think of dark and wild fantasies of extreme horror. It does not take much imagination to think that victorious warriors would want to punish and mutilate corpses of enemies who have inflicted so much injury, suffering and death to their own companions. The sense of punishment and revenge run very strong in the human passions, and it is most likely that throughout the ages warriors still filled with the adrenaline of combat always sought to exact revenge upon both the dead and the dying. In fact there are so many historical accounts of the victorious warriors "committing atrocities", and archaeological finds in the skeletons on battlefields of multiple stabbings and strikes, that they leave no doubt as to all the wild aftermath action carried out on the dead and dying. That most of this would have been carried out after the battle seems near certain, considering that soldiers would not have had time to keep striking the same fallen warriors, which would have gone against their training to keep fighting and facing other adversaries.

With the Amazons it would be no different, if anything the passions would be even greater, and Amazon lovers would love the fantasies of punishment and humiliation of defeated Amazons and the dead after battle, which is in and of itself a very strong erotic fetish.

Speaking personally as one who has had a life long love for the fantasy of Amazons in combat, I really love them for their sexual and battle prowess, but I equally love seeing the vanquished, the fallen and the dead erotically punished, humiliated and put on display as super sexy and delicious trophies of war, for this really hits the very deepest buttons of all. Art reflects life, and the aftermath of every battle would be a place for immense outburst of emotions and passions expressed upon the helpless dead who can now be the punching bags for the victorious warriors to offload all their passions and their rage. Maybe it is this residual basic passion that is being picked up by Amazon lovers who feel the immense rush of the warrior punishing the vanquished, in the fantasy world, of course. And this is precisely why I consider Amazonfan's gorgeous render of the squaw emotionally and passionately driving her spear into the slaughtered cowgirl's genitals so immensely exciting and insanely sexy. And he captures that unique moment of drama and passion really well in the whole body language of the squaw, who is not out to simply or gently poke and pierce them, but to plunge her invading spear with full passion and force into the "hapless slut's" genitals, as she would be thinking, bent on delivering humiliating punishment. It is that outburst of emotion & passion that I find utterly unique and insanely powerful as an expression of erotic art.

I hope other artists make similar renders, filled with passion, which is the key, for there is simply nothing quite like it in the genre of exciting and passionate Amazon combat.

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