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First Wave

Light Elite sent... and fell better send antoher wave!

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pistaccio   [Apr 23, 2017 at 12:39 pm]
The queen knew that the enemy lines were not going to be easy to break. And she knew how impenetrable their archer defences could be. She had learned this from bitter experience, having lost 1,000's of her brave and beautiful troops. But the incursions into her territory had to be put down for once and for all, no matter the cost in Amazon life. She ordered her Generals to send the 6th and the 8th battalions against the defense lines. They charged bravely, but the queen watched from the hill as arrows fell upon them like rain. War cries turned to hideous shrieks and hysterical screams as the sharp arrows tore into their soft flesh and found their way into delicate and sensitive organs that were designed for tenderness not cruel and sharp weapons of war. Soon their charge was hampered by all the bodies of the fallen as row after row crumpled to the cruel shafts, so that her Amazons were forced to step on top of a growing pile of quivering flesh. Their Courage saw them charging into the fray, only to be stricken and join the fallen. Faces crashed down haphazardly and immodestly onto round butts and hairy crotches, dripping and squirting their juices in abundance in their final moments of agony and ecstasy; others landed plum onto open armpits or soles of lifeless feet, so that their last glimpse on earth before their eyes went vacant were the arched feet and toes of some twisted corpse. In the melee of battle and the agony of death the Amazons would never fall gracefully or with any dignity or decorum as limbs entangled and entwined around skewered breasts, and faces were caught trying to breathe under hot and dripping flesh, feet and intimate organs in an orgy of suffering and death.

The queen watched in stony silence as her 2 battalions were cut to pieces in the failed charge, down to the last Amazon. She ordered her 4th and 7th battalions, originally set up as reinforcements in the event of a successful charge, to now fall back and hold their positions further down the field. Without any chance of reinforcements, and abandoned to their brutal and bloody fate, the last remaining soldiers of the 6th and 8th battalions were cut off without any chance either to advance or fall back.

The queen looked on as the remaining few were cut down by fresh volleys of arrows. Soon all that remained of her 2 fine battalions was a thick carpet of dead and dying meat on the ground, quivering, and writhing, or just sprawled out immodestly in death, their short tunics doing precious little to conceal their intimate parts and organs as they succumbed to the rain of death. Not that modesty ever mattered at a time of brutal slaughter. It was the last thing on the dying Amazons' minds as they writhed and kicked, bearing all in the process, and exposing their finest parts to any oncoming arrows. Loud and anguished moans were interspersed with agonised shrieks as brave Amazons found their cruel wounds unbearable and screamed out all their suffering to their war gods every time a fresh arrow invaded their now exposed intimate parts as their legs fell hopelessly open as they twisted in agony on the ground.

The queen knew that soon the enemy would overrun that part of the field and commit all sorts of atrocities upon all her dead, as well as her wounded and dying, who could not be rescued, stripping them of their fine armour, ravishing them and using their weapons to slash, slice and hack feverishly away at their soft flesh and organs. It saddened her to think that such a fine force of 1,200 Amazons that had taken years to train and that had been armed at great expense, had been entirely cut to pieces and slaughtered in less than an hour of intense arrow fire, and had now to be left in the field for the wild beasts and birds to feast upon, after the enemy had enjoyed them and savaged them, then mercilessly butchered all the wounded and dying. But she knew well that these were the natural consequences of ferocious battle, where no quarter is given, no mercy shown, no dignity left to the fallen who would be brutally slaughtered and butchered. Such was the nature of battle, and her own forces acted no differently with their enemies. To be sure the queen was not just warloving but also cruel and brutal, and in some strange way even the suffering and slaughter of her own Amazons elicited tremendous excitement deep inside her warrior heart. She had not only grown immune and desensitised to the slaughter of her own troops which she so liberally sent out to fight and die in battle in great numbers; She was also aroused by it whenever the wild passions of battle kindled in that heart of hers that so loved everything to do with ferocious battle, suffering and brutal slaughter.
hottyzwazwe   [Apr 24, 2017 at 11:51 am]
Much better to send Heavy Elite for the second wave, cleaning the field quickly from the tribe filths.
pistaccio   [Aug 17, 2017 at 01:00 am]
I love this scene so much it's insane;

i.the way you manage to depict the theme of carpets and carpets of dead, literally covering the entire battlefield with so many slaughtered Amazons, is incredibly exciting in itself

ii. the sense of peace after the battle, contrasting with the intensity that came before, showing some beautiful faces of the brave warriorwomen who fell nobly and gloriously in battle,

iii. the lovely and sensuous touch of the 3 feet sticking out on the carpet of dead, a foot admirer's joy.

Incidentally, since you thankfully appreciate the sight of dead feet in the battlefield, you should explore the various foot products available. Some of them have some some very nice and shapely and sexy feet available, that would add a bit of variety and more sensuality. Also I would consider not using nail polish on the dead feet, it kind of jars with the theme of ancient warriors, and I think natural nail colour is very attractive too Very Happy

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