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Dead Sentries

Two sexy, expendable Skintroopers lie dead. Their corpses litter the hallway after being ambushed by an enemy attack squad.

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capricorn   [Mar 14, 2017 at 03:27 am]
Lovely! Empty shells, empty guns, empty brains ... Cool
Stephy.Brooks88   [Mar 23, 2017 at 03:36 pm]
The expression of the girl slumped against the wall is so amazing!! So happy that your posting here again Very Happy
admin   [Mar 26, 2017 at 03:25 pm]
Your art is really scoring high here! Great to have you!
pistaccio   [Apr 14, 2017 at 03:47 pm]
This is so beautiful. The way the slaughtered soldier on the left just slumped down the wall, with her breasts so pert in her transparent uniform; & I totally love the gorgeous pose of the corpse on the right, the way the slaughtered woman just crashed down heavily,her arm unnaturally twisted in the clumsy fall, and her lovely bear buns open wide in death. Slaughtered soldier women simply don't get more beautiful & sexy than this! Very Happy Razz
cyke70   [Jun 05, 2017 at 03:00 am]
Young, poorly trained and inexperienced Skintroopers often fall prey of Rebel raiding parties. They come out of nowhere, take platoons of helpless and startled Imperial conscripts into a deadly crossfire and slaughter them to the last one.
They show no mercy to the wretched invaders, who pay the price of their commanders' arrogance with their young lives.

The initial phase of the invasion of this planet found Military leaders unprepared: they didn't expect such a fierce resistance from the natives. Presumptuous and reckless, Imperial officers had anticipated a quick and relatively steady occupation. Intimidated by the numbers of their army of slaves, most worlds capitulate rapidly.
Poorly organized, the offensive started with mass shipments of troops but scarcity of weapons. The immediate reaction of the inhabitants, who assaulted landing sites overcrowded with still unarmed and helpless conscripts, was brutal and ruthless. Entire brigades were lost as the assailants executed myriads of Imperial cubs without mercy before vanishing in the forests.
The sudden shortage of troops forced an early call into active duty of reserves stationed nearby, who were promptly exported to the planet with minimal training. Once depleted the supply of all the slaves of legal age for combat, this was reduced by one or then two years.

But the Empire is at war for centuries and its stock of Skintroopers is virtually endless. Soon they will flood the planet with Blue Devils -as the natives call the invading infantry- and a new acquisition will be complete.
The loss of lives among its army of disposable slaves is negligible. They are reclaimed from subjugated worlds and genetically manipulated as to supress self-preservation instincts and to ensure total and fanatical obedience. Their spirit of initiative and intellect are dramatically reduced by the process and their combat skills are therefore very limited. As a result, the death of colossal numbers of Skintroopers is inevitable and a constant flow of new combatants must be established. Mass conscriptions, DNA modification and transportations are duly organized before each invasion. Hospitals are instead not contemplated. No medical attention is provided to wounded troopers: slaves are worthless and it is more cost-effective and convenient to dispose of incapacitated units and restore depleted ranks with fresh recruits. Only the costless weapons and combat boots are recovered and reused, whereas injured Skintroopers are simply left behind or shoved into incinerators along with their slain sisters.

Comment 1 to 5 of 5
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